Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Field Farm

IMG_2900 - Edited

The weekend my husband took us for a wonderful short break in the countryside..we rented a car a went to the Great Field Farm. My husband booked us a room on the farm but the owner upgraded us to the Sunset Lodge to give us more space. Again, the perks of having children :)

IMG_2849 - Edited

The Sunset Lodge is absolutely beautiful...2 rooms and an attic full of books and toys..the farm is very environmental friendly..the lodge is heated using solar energy coming from the floor of the's really quiet and relaxing and the view is stunning...


The next day was really warm and sunny too...perfect for a day out..


Adam running after chickens..he enjoyed the farm the most, i think...


We had proper home made English breakfast in the owner's home. It's really cosy and delicious too! (Ernie i bet you would've loved this!)

more stories and photos coming up next...


Ernie Khairina said...

You wouldn't believe this, just after I goggled ( ko dah update yay! Found out that this is 'sorry a non smoker place' hehe

We had an english bfast too (in fact everyday!) hanya bertema kan furniture bunga2 dan imaginasi yg kuat haha..yes pathetic!

of coz, we are waiting for moooree pics..tempek je banyak2 gambar aida, takpe =)

Hada Masayu said...

gambar adam pose dpn rmh tu, view dia nmpak sgt menarik.. what farm is this aida? dorng plant apa? farm tu mmg open for public ke? ada charge ke?hehe, byk lak soklan aku..

bfast mmg been prepared by owner eh??adakah dia ala2 ...... (aku xingat nama dia apetah, tapi somewhere kat sekinchan, kalo ko blk kg ikut kuala selangor mesti lalu)...village yg the one org bole sewa & actually kat rmh owner jugak & they will prepare bfast..xingat gila perkataan tuh...ishhh!!

echomyst said...

Beautiful photos! Came across your blog while searching for newborn wrap tutorials :-) Thank you so much for posting the videos -- please keep them coming! I'm just starting to learn how to wrap our six-weeks-old daughter :D

kemaryahya said...

hada, homestay!
cantik gile gmbr wey...

Unknown said...

ooh..suke sgt pic yg first tu! very beautiful! mcm gamba poskad. hahah.. anyway, best gak holiday ala2 country gini ek? plus murah sketla nak banding dok hotel kat london tuh kan. adam ni mmg suke kejar binatang ek? aritu kejar burung, now kejar ayam. comel! mia plak cam teddy bear ngan bj bulu2 die tu..hehe!

Hada : HOMESTAY. hehe..kelakar la ko describe nak cube ingat psl homestay tu ;p

fizaros said...

best nyeeee..macam rileks gila tpt tu.

adam tak pernah tak comel boleh tak?

Anonymous said...

best tapi halal ker b'fast dorang sediakan tu?

Anonymous said...

i noticed majority pic mia tgh tido je ek

aidafiqs adamia said...

mcmana ko leh google great field farm kalau aku lom update?coincidence??takkanlah...ade beribu2 farm kat uk tak pathetic lah.making your own home the perfect place befitting your imagination is even better..

great field farm la nama farm ni hada..diorg ade farm animals..pastu diorg tanam fruits. all kinds of berries etc..tapi now musim bunga blom ade fruits lagi..nampak tak pakcik yg dine dgn kitorg dlm pic tu? dia ckp summer nanti meja ni penuh dgn fruits..pasal pakcik ni suka sgt salu dtg farm ni..mmg ade charge la of course, mcm kalau kite stay hotel la..betul2 mcm homestay! haha..itulah..actually homestay kat msia pun nampak best..

i'm glad someone's putting my videos to good use. i have yet made the video to the carry that i have found most useful and practical (the one i'm using in the photos) i'll do that next soon..

thank credit to taufik..

cantik kan?mmg lodge tu dibagi nama sunset, pasal dia ade view sunset betul2 kat dpn tu..lawa's definitely a new unique experience compared to staying at a hotel..kitorg target nak holidays mcm nilah pulak..kat!

a'ah la fiza mmg relax gile tmpt tu..rasa aman sgt...pasal adam..ko ade baca previous entry? ha time tu tak comel lah dia..haha...

anon 1,
insyaAllah halal..kitorg cuma mintak eggs, potatoes, toasts..then yg lain cereal..yogurt..homemade fruit juice..jam..

anon 2,
yes..she sleeps about 18 hours a day lagi like a newborn should :)

Ernie Khairina said...


sebab aku nmpk taufik tag kat fb aku google la nk tgk.. and nice dress bunga kebangsaan malaysia lagi =)

weh, local man tak mistaken ko as english lady ke dot? cheh2

yes homestay kt cameron highland best! disarankan.

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

definitely in the list of 20 places that you need to visit before you die. haha

Wiera said...

Wow...what a breathtaking view...such a lovely place. Do they allow visitors to pet the animals? How much per nite?


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