Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stroll not Roll

Hello! We're back!! Alhamdulillah...we've arrived safely in London on Saturday. As much as I've enjoyed meeting family and friends and the good malaysian food, this place has started to feel like home too..home sweet home! i am glad to be back..alhamdulillah...look at Mia sleeping like an angel in her basinet on the flight..good thing i took the photo cos she did NOT sleep like an angel for very long! huhu...what a long flight that was! I was so tired i could've slept while queing for immigression check at Heathrow. oh but we got so lucky! the let us cut the Q! (UK border checks usually takes forever!) suddenly this big security guard called us forward...i think because of the knew i had children for a reason :)

Yesterday I took Adam and Mia to Portman children's centre. I wore Mia in a wrap and held Adam's hand and then we walked there. It's about a 15mins walk, almost 30mins with Adam and his tedency to 'sightsee'. After the session, they announced a new campaign - Stroll not Roll:

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have started a new scheme to encourage you and your children to walk to Portman. Please take some time to read the display in the reception area which explains why we are doing this.

Walking is a great way to improve your health and feel good. You children will learn how to be safe on the streets. Active children are happy children.

-ask Drop-in staff for a Stroll not Roll card.
-Every time you walk to Portman ask Drop-in staff for a stamp
-Collect 5 stamps and choose one of the baby feeding gifts shown on the display.
-Colect 25 stamps and choose one of the toddler rucksacks shown on the display.

If you don't have a baby sling/carrier please tell drop in staff

Thank you for Strolling not Rolling.

The display in the reception.

They even provide slings for those who doesn't have one..

Wow i'm so surprised and happy that they're doing this.Now i won't be the odd one out, walking and wearing my kids! The people here loves using the buggy (stroller), even more than Malaysian, probably. Yay i can't wait to collect more stamps..hehe...


Unknown said...

dot, lega blog ko dah kembali normal.apesal jd camtu? anyway, haritu ko blk mesia tak dpt jumpe and borak sgt pon..i'm waiting for your call u know.. aku call manjang tak dpt :(

adrianathani said...

Wow, that is fantastic! Siap bagi sling tu! I hope you'll write more about this in the future :D

aidafiqs adamia said...

sbb chatbox rupenye..aku remove terus ok..alamak chun so sorry...terlalu busy giler..aku call ko dari sini lah ok tak...

tulah isn't that amazing..ok i'll write more about this..see what the response is going to be..

tuty said...


you could 'tayang' your MTs and your pouches and your wraps etc..

boleh promote babywearing, boleh promote your etsy store! hah aida.. apalagi?

i'm quite sure ppl will start asking about your 'gear' very soon. yeay!

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

kempen ni semangat malaysia susah nak enforce ape2 kempen, coz normally people will describe campaigns as 'poyo' (no offense, I'm a true Malaysian by the way) I wish I can do something like this here

Ernie Khairina said...

Eh aida boleh tak sangat bagus dan semangat!

hey fizah, janganla cakap begitu.. that was years back, now Malaysian dah ok la. Earth hour campaign, no plastic bag etc, remember?

ouh ya, "Adam and his tedency to 'sightsee' " cute!

Anonymous said...

aida, if in your case, ko kena la stroll and roll jugak kan.. coz u hv 2 kids.. or u put mia in sling, and let adam walk je lg senang?

aidafiqs adamia said...

i dah tak make carriers lame dah :( tapi mmg boleh promote babywearing lah..

i think bolehla guna idea ni kat msia pun..cuma...part panas tu je..nak ke berjalan setengah jam bwk anak ke sekolah dlm heat?

selalu ade kempen mcm ni kat sini..tapi this one really topped it! you know ernie, 'sightsee' may sound cute, but when he's pouting in front of a store refusing to move an inch unless i buy him's not so cute! hehe..

i can also use my stroller sbb ade install platform kat blakang for adam to stand on, or i can use a double stroller. but i like to wear my kids...lgpun with mia senang kalau pakai wrap aku nak breastfeed sambil jalan pun boleh...

Hada Masayu said...

a'ah aida..i agree w u..kt mesia panas, nak jln2 kat lua, sorryla, hehe..hitam adriana nanti ;p

tp kena pandai2, tempat2 redu byk je..

tp aida, aku yg carry my baby & kdg2 stroll same jgk, hehe..aku yg dua2 pn pki ;p

fizah, besela org2 narrow minded yg usually ada bepikiran aku rasa malaysian are now more open psl benda2 cmtu, sbb i see lots of people carry their baby at the mall..even, helper pun turut sama pakai dari segi design tu yg aku rasa kurang pelbagai..ssh sket nak cari..


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