Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love summer!

Last weekend we had such beautiful weather, hot and sunny. On Saturday, my husband went to play badminton in the morning with his friends while I stayed at home with the kids. Then when he came home in the afternoon, he babysat the kids while I went out for my sewing group meet-up. It was my first time away from Mia. I pumped some EBM for my husband to feed Mia with while I'm away. I was really quite nervous..but my husband assured me they'll be ok and to just enjoy myself..bless him!

I really did have a good time at the meet-up. We went fabric shopping at one of the members' favourite fabric shopping destination. There were about 20 different shops probably and everybody spoke the same language. What could be more fun?

The next day we decided to take the kids to the park since the weather is still gorgeous...So we went to Kensington Gardens.

I love this photo of Mia and I. Look at that expression on her face looking at me. She is getting smarter everyday. She really enjoyed our tummy time on the grass..

Adam and his Daddy played football. Can you see the potential there? Definitely Daddy's sports genes, thank God! tak kaki bangku like mommy..

Adam joining our picnic...

All my loved ones together..

oh this is funny.

Hey daddy is playing with mia, without me!

yarrrgghhh! nak main jugak!


Anonymous said...

tgk gamba² ni, rasa rinduuu nyee kat korang... mia dah makin cheeky lah~!
perfect family photo!

Anonymous said...

aida pic kat profile tu dah kena tukar la sekarang kena letak pic mia skali.

iza said...

wahahah sangat kiut mia tgk akak gitu! AAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA tak tahan gelak okeh.. macam dah besar sangat je dia tu.. heheh! mia bambam! ;p

adrianathani said...

those pictures are precious! you really do have such a beautiful family :)

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, boleh tak gambar mia stare at u tuh macam photoshop or something! dengan dia punya senyum senget tu.. OMG! she looks so grown up!

Hada Masayu said...

mia menyampaikan mksd yg tersirat :)

Melina said...

Kaaannnn....It was such a lovely hot weekend that my girls spent most of it in our garden in their paddling pool. Shame it's cold again.

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

salam ziarah n salam perkenalan, sronok tgk gambar Mia, cuteee sgt

yumyum said...

love the 1st pic most! omg mia is soo cheeky already! huhu jeling2 ehh

fatin said...

LOve this post!! ;) have a wonderful summer!


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