Friday, May 21, 2010

Mia @ 4 months

Mia oh i love you!

- Mia is a morning person..pagi2 dia bangun dia ckp sorang2..when i come to pick her up she greets me with her smile and ajak mommy sembang..after that i will give her her bath. She loves bathing..senyum2 je dia..kecuali part bukak baju kadang2 sejuk dia tak tahan sejuk..lps mandi i feed her...lps minum susu dia pun relax2 then nod off for her morning nap...

- Mlm2 Mia payah sikit nak go to sleep...dia tido sama lambat dgn Along dia..dlm kol 12pm barulah dua2 anakku nak tido..but she sleeps through the night, only waking up 3-4 times for her feedings on most nights..

- Mia loves to hear people singing to her...she especially loves it when we go to playgroups and all the children are playing and singing..

- Mia suka sembang. Dia tersenyum2 kalau org dok sembang2 ngan dia..she's very responsive when we talk to her..

- Mia turned for the first time during our 4th anniversary. tapi lps tu tak turn dah..hehe

- Mia pandai sondol2 kedepan..sama mcm Along dia dulu...

Happy 4 moths birthday sayang..


ciksalmah said...

such a sweet child....congrats :D

Lin Ghazale said...

Wah tidur pukul 12 mcn adults. My anak pukul 6 ke lepas
maghrib dah out. Sbb dia sgt lah susah tidur siang. Kalau i berjaya tidurkan, most of the time it only last for 30
min. I dunno why. Tak bole nk buat kerja.

Unknown said...

happy 4 month belated sweeeeet...

Melina said...

Dah 4 months! How fast they grow. Happy 4 month birthday sweet Mia.

aidafiqs adamia said...

cik salmah,
she's sweet indeed..

Mia tido lambat tapi siang oklah nap ikut time..cuma adam je yg bateri tak habis2 the whole day tak nap tak ape tido pun lambat..

thank you..

yes time passed by all too quickly..


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