Sunday, May 16, 2010

Portobello Market

One of the places i really wanted to go when we came here was to visit Portobello Market..but somehow we never went until! i'm in love with it! rase nak pergi lagi je harini...hehe...i love the vibe there..old songs playing..Mia and Adam had a lot of attention from the crowd because we're the only ones babywearing dlm beribu2 org tu..

I bet this look tempting to you Ernie ;) they look tempting to me too..nyesal tak beli..

more pics at my husband's blog.


Lin Ghazale said...

bestnya ur baby wants to be in a wrap/sling/etc. i am trying to train mine to sit in an ergo. so far, hasnt been successful. successful bile dah dah ngntuk gile and tertido je. huahua.

Ernie Khairina said...

ya Allah aida..surely aku suke sangat2! masuk dah dalam checklist kena pegi ni hee..thanks for your thought =)

takpe lah tak beli sekarang, the next visit grab satu..

Ernie Khairina said...

just visited taufik's photoblog..suke sangat gambar 2nd, u and Mia tu..alahai comelnya dia =)
eh, pastu aku sukela cap (European cap?) yg taufik pakai tu

aidafiqs adamia said...

she just likes being close to me. my husband tried putting her in his Beco to try and bond with her and she screams her lungs out. don't give up on babywearing yet ok? i promise you it's worth it.

yes ernie kene pegi. kalau ko dtg sini byk betul suggestion tmpt aku nak bagi ko.hehe..and yes, i lve that hat too..too bad dia takde child size..

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

suke jugak..! cantek. kiite suke yang biru biru

whm6840 said...

Hi aida, found about your blog sometime ago during bloghopping and I’ve been reading you since.
Guess, we share same interest in sewing. :)
Anyway, I tagged you for an award. No obligation.. saja suka-suka.

kemaryahya said...

k.fatin, saya pula suke yg hijau2 tu. ernie sah2 pink. :D

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..


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