Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mia @ 10 months

Honestly, she's 10 months? Can you believe that?

She's found her feet and is absolutely refusing to crawl any more. She can walk 2-3 meters now. She can turn around, walk right and left. She falls on her bum constantly, but she just keep getting up again. She likes to browse the floor for leftover food (sigh...i do feed her, i promise) but even then she'll pick up the food and then eat it standing up. Determined to prove to me she no baby no more.

I love it when she calls me 'Mama mama'. She can get away with anything if she calls me Mamama. Even Adam started calling me Mama too. Sometimes she calls me Dada Dadi too. She blabs a lot, sounding like she's really telling a story.

She knows when Daddy's getting ready for work. She doesn't like it when Daddy leaves. She'll immediately go to him, and start manja-manja. Poor Daddy doesn't stand a chance against her charm. He'd have to go to work thinking about her all day. And when he comes home from work, she'll greet him, hug him. Who can resist that girl?

she knows what 'susu' means. If you ask her 'Adik, susu mana?' she'll show you where it is, and probably demand a sip too.

She's growing way too fast. Where's my little baby? But oh she's still there. When she hugs me close and rests her head on my chest. When she gives me a wet sloppy kiss. When she flashes me that cheeky beautiful smile. Still there. Always my baby.

Happy 10 month birthday, my pretty one. I love you so much.


Lin Ghazale said...

happy 10 month birthday Mia! dah jalan eh..good job!

MK said...

i like i like i like!

nurul said...

salam kak aida,
saya nurul ur silent reader.
baru sebulan bergelar ibu dan sangat insipired dari akak dalam hal babywearing dan breastfeeding.kesungguhan akak benar2 saya kagumi.

saya juga sangat berminat untuk serius untuk babywearing, wrap.jadi saya berharap kak aida dapat membantu saya.

1)jenis kain wrap yang mana bagus untuk keadaan di msia dan untuk baby?

2)saya puas cuba cari wrap tapi masih kurang arif nampaknya.harap kak aida dapat bantu.

terima kasih


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