Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There's no use in crying over spilled milk

Adam wanted some milk. I poured it for him, asked him to sit on the dining table to drink it so that Mia wouldn't be able to grab it out of his hands (as she often does). He refused, and insisted that he sit on the floor to drink it. I made it clear to him I wasn't happy about it, but gave him the cup anyway. He drank some, then walked over to the table. On the way, the cup slipped from his hand and milk spilled on the floor.

I was upset, mainly because he didn't listen to me in the first place. Didn't say anything, just got up to get a dishcloth in the kitchen. Mia started crying, she doesn't like it when I walk away from her. Adam followed me to the kitchen, started apologising softly 'Sorry Mommy, sorry'. I said 'Tulah Adam, I told you to sit on the table. Kan dah tumpah'. He can see from my expression that I was upset with him.

I wiped the floor. Mia walked over, crying, climbing over me. I took her, put her a short distance away so I can wipe. She was still crying, trying to get over to me. Adam went to her, quickly grabbed some toys and put them in front of her to distract her from coming over to me. 'Here Mia, play toys. Mommy lap jap ok...' and at the same time, saying also to me 'Sorry Mommy, sorry..sorry..'.

Oh gosh. That woke me up. Who's the grown up in this house? The Mommy who lost her temper over a little spilled milk, or the little boy who isn't afraid to apologise for his mistake and is clever enough to take care of his sister.

Thank you for teaching me a lesson, Adam. I'm so proud of you.


ummi said...

aida...u r blessed with a bright n brilliant boy n daughter...
adam...nnt bsr jd anak soleh ye..

ederq said...

ala sweetnya adam! :)

yleenday said...

sayu bila baca post ni. bergenang air mata.
Buat saya teringat anak2 kat taska...

myra said...

adam so matured. : )

Btw, you giving him formula milk or fresh milk?

pHatMuMMy said...

hi dear,

have been ur silent reader for quite some time now. and this post, i just had to comment. this post really touches me. bergenang air mata baca, dah la kat ofis (ok, cepat2 lap)

i too, have lost count of how many times i am upset over little things... :( and how many times my poor little angel had to endure my frustration.

ida ahmad said...

Well done, adam. Pandai jaga hati mommy. Ida pun easily get upset with Nazhan but selalu geletek dia supaya dia gelak untuk hilangkan rasa bersalah after scold him. Aci tak?

Hada Masayu said...

"...Mommy lap jap..."

comelnya adam..aku yg imagine dia ckp, gaya dia cakap, keadaan sambil dia pujuk mia bg toys tu..

a'akan aida, kids mmg byk ajar kita..same goes to me..dulu waktu muda remaja sebelum kahwin becinta & xde adriana lagi, aku xbole imagine org dok citer2 psl anak gitu..xde with adriana around..really, SHE'S EVERYTHING!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Aida,
have been ur silent reader for quite sometimes, but this blog really touch me. you are really a great mum( esp when you admitted and accepted that your boy acted better in the situation mentioned )with two gorgeous kids....and you are in the right path in bringing them up....gosh...Adam is such an understanding son and big brother, too.

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes i am well blessed, alhamdulillah...

thank you..

fresh milk..tak pernah bagi him formula. stopped bfeeding him at 1.5 years old (pregnant with mia) then switched him to fresh milk terus..

i lose my temper all the time too..but it's nice when they teach us a lesson too..


tulah kan...they're everything to us!

thank you for your very kind comment..i appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

heheh!!! comel je Adam ajar Mommy.

You know what, it's ok for you to kadang-kadang lose temper. Tapi sikit saje tau. Tak boleh lebih2. That'll teach your children to apologise, be more responsible in the future, and sangat2 matured macam Adam!

Pandai kan pujuk Mommy dengan memujuk Mia. ;D

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

adam is such an abang ;)
yes im in the same boat as you, i do loose it every now n then...
there r time i run to the bathroom as tears running down, gather all the lil strength i have left before leaving the bathroom back to the reality
May Allah guide is through out, insyaAllah


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