Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little knits

While waiting for my yarn to arrive (photo in the previous entry) I knitted up a few other little woolies. My hands can't keep idle anymore. They yearn for some yarn twiddling on a daily basis. small little knits can be very quick to knit up and brings (almost) instant gratification.

I made this warm cowl for myself actually. As soon as I casted it off, with the ends still waiting to be weaved in, Adam claimed it as his ('My blue one, Mommy!' and ran off with it). Blue's his favourite colour but I didn't expect this because he detest anything knitted. Absolutely refuse to wear them. Which is why I hardly ever knit for him. A tragedy for a knit-loving mama. In the picture above he is styling up his hair to be photographed.

ok dah hensem. It's his new thing. The first time I saw him fluff his hair like this, he climbed up to the mirror, looked at himself and said 'wow, hensem! like Dad!' hahaha....oh yeah he calls us MOM and DAD now...don't know who taught him that. I thought he would be 21 before Mommy starts to sound too childish for him. Oh dear (which btw is also his favourite phrase to say. in an English accent)

The yarn is soft and gorgeous. rowan's organic pure wool DK, bought on sale from JL so it was quite cheap for quality wool.

This is the Aviatrix hat i made for Mia. She hates hats and only tolerates them when it's really cold. The moment we step indoors she'll be pulling them off. So this hat is rather perfect for her because the hat is safely attached to her like a helmet, thus rendering it harder for little fingers to remove.

the construction of this hat is very unique and quite surprising, as it is knitted on straight needles only. Very quick knit too. the pattern is free in ravelry and i would very much recommend it. The pattern is well written for 3 different yarn weights so you could pretty much use whatever yarn you have in your stash.

The yarn I'm using here is rowan's silky tweed, a mix of wool and silk. it's purple with little sprinkles of blue and orange and a few other colours. just beautiful. I have a couple skeins left...just looking at them fantasizing what else to knit is a know i have a soft spot for purple..

Nothing warms the heart of a knitterly mama more than seeing her little angels all wrapped up in her wollies. Aaaah bliss.


Anonymous said...

ok.. nak like the part adam talking in british accent..! aida, amikla video!

hilmi said...

aaa faeiz dgn ali pun dulu ada accent..yorkshire slang lagi

SarahxHannah said...

They are gorgeous, Aida! (both the knits and the models :D). I started making a cowl for myself 2 months ago, tak siap2 lagi. Pakai next winter la nampaknya. Might try making the hat. Gonna find it on Ravelry...

aidafiqs adamia said...

nanti try amik...

ingat2...'that train go that way'.part THAT bukan main thick lagi dia ckp..

kak lin!hi!
cowls can be repetitive and long. but i was teaching myself to knit continentally with this cowl, so that kept me interested. knitted up quick.


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