Thursday, February 3, 2011


Scene 1

Adam and Mia is playing pretend.

Adam: Skasuma!Skasuma! Wait please!
Mia: *run away grinning*
Adam: Skasuma! Here's your package. Your post. There. Take it please. *caught up to her*
Mia: *smile, takes the 'package' (a drawing of Thomas ripped up from one of his books)
Adam: Ok thank you very much.
Mia: *ran away again with the package*
Adam: Wait Skasuma come back. *took the package back*

Repeat above a few times.

p/s: Skasuma = customer (after a LOT of guessing about)

Scene 2

Adam has been using the word 'lawer' recently. I spent days trying to think of what it might mean. Last week while he's having his lunch...

Mommy: Adam, what does lawer mean? lawa?later?
Adam: Erm...*thinking* aaah ok. AAAAAAAAgh!!AAAGGGHHHHH!!!! *scream*
Mommy: ohoooo! Lawer means LOUDER?
Adam: YES! good job Mommy.


Adam was playing with his trolley and accidentally ram into my the side of my head. I was sitting on the floor feeding Mia.

Mommy: Aww...sakit Mommy Adam...*starting to get upset*
Adam: I'm so sorry Mommy...where sakit? Where? Here?
Mommy: My head Adam....
Adam: Oh no...let me see...fuh fuh *blow on my head* kesian Mommy....*kiss my head*
Mommy: * tak sakit dah*


Sya said...

Salam sis,
I'm a silent reader of your blog. I have always loved it when you post interactions between you and Adam. Being someone who is interested with how kids acquire their languages (I'm doing my Master's in TESL), just seeing him progress is joy.. He's very clever indeed and you must have been proud of him. I especially liked the 2nd example you showed here. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note saying that I really like your parenting style. : )

junesky said...

i blog-hopping & saw ur blog. very cute kids u hv..;) peace.

Lukas B. said...

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Anonymous said...

MashaAllah, Adam sangat pandai dan sangat pandai juga menjaga Mommy and Lil Mia.
Congratulations for having smart babies!

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes it is FASCINATING to see kids develop their language. I really savour all the mispronounce words before the real pronunciation comes.

thank you dear..i think they're cute too ;)

yes alhamdulillah...

ederq said...



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