Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Sarah...

the latest addition to our family!

no, not my baby, silly ;)

my niece! hehe....

i'm a proud Maklong indeed..i wish i can go there and give her a cuddle..i've been hassling my brother with constant calls to check on her..

congrats Aie and good job Liana!


Jehanne said...

Hope you could reply asap..i've started the shrug! But now there is a tiny problem, I'm ont he 'RIGHT FRONT' sayd ...'join yarn to rem 36 sts..', Do i just cut off the yarn from the other front section and start all over? As the yarn is attached to the 'left front with 4 sts on the holder' confusing..!

jehanne said...

Also do I need to cut off the yarn frm the 4 sts remaining?

siti norlaili yusof said...


Unknown said...

congrates aie! dot, rase baru je gi kenduri aie aritu. anyway, lame tak dgr citer ko. bile2 free call me ok. miss u babe

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes, just snip the yarn (leave a tail of at least 6 inches) and leave the 4 stitches on a holder (or use waste yarn or extra needle or safety pin). then go to the 36 stitches and knit as per instruction. to join new yarn, insert your right hand needle to the first stitch, loop the new yarn (leaving a 6 inch tail as well) and knit normally. the first stitch may be a bit loose, but don't be discouraged,keep knitting a few more stitches, then gently pull on your 6 inch tail to get the tension back. all the tails will be weaved in later when you finish. hope that helps.

thank you! ceh i lak bangga bukan anak i pun..hehe

tulah..miss you too! insyaAllah nnt aku call...

Along said...

Tembam! (mode ketakutan di 36 week)

mama glam said...

Salam Aida,

salam perkenalan... Jumpa ur blog hari ni masa dok sibuk google pasal babywearing, and found out ur blog was very2 interesting! I suka tengok hasil2 creativity u! cantik & cute! And jugak suka ur tutorial pasal babywearing. It's very helful tau! Hope I can babywear my 2nd baby!

jehanne said...

hi Aida, tq soo much for ur help! really,really appreciate it, the shrug turned out fabulous; I even made a matching set of baby booties with the leftover yarns.. (pattern cyberseam) if u want a quick knit for ur baby..
As my simple reward for ur teaching, do let me know if u want a cable hat pattern, bought it and thought i could share it with u..let me know if u'd like it so i can email u for instance.
once again, terima kasih banyak2..!

aidafiqs adamia said...

what??time flies huh?? goodluck dear!!

mama glam,
i haven't been talking about babywearing for a while, though i'm still wearing mia on a daily basis. i'm glad the previous tutorials has helped you. good luck in wearing your baby!

i am so glad to hear it! you finished the shrug! congratulations! can i see the photo? oh thank you for offering the's my email address keep in touch!


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