Friday, August 19, 2011

I am the Rubbish Man

I was hanging out clothes to dry on the balcony this morning. A noise alerted the kids and they both came over to have a look.

Adam: What's that noise? Who's that mom?
Me: oh, that's the rubbish man, picking up rubbish.
Adam: wow! Mia, come take a look. It's the Rubbish Man! He's.....rubbishing.
Adam: Where's he taking the rubbish mom?
Me: the landfill. Or maybe he might recycle some of it.
Adam: Oh! he's going to the recycling center!

And from there unfolded many loud excited story telling about the rubbish man and the rubbish truck. Up to the point where even the rubbish men were paying attention. When they were about to leave, Adam said ' Mom! the rubbish man is waving at me!!!' I looked down and true enough, they were waving and saying goodbye. The kids probably made their day.

Guess what happened next?

Adam started collecting his toys and asking me to catch them and put them in 'the rubbish truck'. And then he proceeded to drive the truck to the recycling center. And then he danced around the rubbish singing;

' I am the Rubbish Man
I go Recycling Center
Sampah...always sampah...
I like recycling...'

I swear, it was too funny. I should've recorded it.

Isn't it amazing how in a kid's world, a simple visit from the rubbish man can be so exciting.


yumyum said...

sampah..always sampahh.. lol
adam ure too cute!

Ernie Khairina said...

wow. good story! have u heard this song; a wonderful world and the lyrics goes " i hear babies cry, i watch them grow, they'll learn much more than i'll never know"

Anonymous said...

sis tinggal kt mner? haritu kawan sy nmpak adam kt kwsn maahad! wow!

Unknown said...

aida,your apartment looks like the one in saujana impian gold club..btol ke?

Anonymous said...

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mate said...

wakakaa!! i think boys like garbage truck by nature.. bcos my hubby did when he's small too!


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