Monday, March 26, 2012

Adam the hero

I heard little cat noises from the back window since afternoon, but thought nothing of it. In the early evening when I was about to start dinner Adam came in the kitchen with me and heard the noises too. I opened the back door to let him check out what it was.

It turned out there was a baby cat trapped in the drain. All wet and weak. Adam said "I have a great idea! I'm going to rescue him!". Now you see I felt a bit torn at this, because, errr..
.I'm scared of cats?! oh yes, the secret's out. But at the same time I felt proud and rather curious at Adam's determined announcement. So I said yes.

He climbed in the drain all by himself. Not one bit scared.

All safe and dry.

Then he proceeded to whisper to the cat, telling it 'Don't worry, I'm here..' 'Wait for Daddy to come home..we'll take you to your mommy' 'You're safe in our house now'. He carried on calming the cat for quite some time after that. I busied myself with dinner at this point, trying not to hear, hoping he won't ask to keep the poor little cat. But I did catch him singing Twinkle twinkle and Old Mcdonald to the cat. Oh dear.

The next day he rescued yet another baby cat, also from a nearby drain, which we concluded to be the first cat's sibling. We put them together with food. Hoping they will be safe.

Good job Adam.

(sorry we can't keep them! but he didn't ask, he knows mommy's secret)


Efira Nazri said...

Salam dear, adam is so brave. Im cat lover as well.

U buat kelas menjahit x? I love to sew but i dont know how.


fathiah said...

bagusnyaa adam..good job boy..

misha.w said...

brave lil adam!good job.:)


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