Saturday, March 31, 2012

How the baby get in there???

Today, while lying in bed cuddling with Adam and Mia...
Adam: *holding my tummy* Where the baby lives?
me: here..the womb..
Adam: How the baby come out mom? He goes up from your mouth ke?
me: no, sometimes the doctor cuts through the tummy to take the baby out... or sometimes baby come down through the vagina, like Adam and Mia...
Adam: that's disgusting!
me: nope, that's the right way for the baby....
Adam: oooh....
Adam: then how the baby gets in there?
me: errrrr.... *looked at my husband for help. he ran quick as he can to the bathroom!* Allah put him there...
Adam: what? no..... how he put in there? doctor inject something tajam here to put baby in ke?
me: no, baby grows from the egg... go get your Human Body book....

thank God indeed for that book!
from there I answered more bold questions about how the baby grows...
oh my, i wasn't prepared for this. I didn't think I'd be answering those difficult questions this early on..

p/s: no i am NOT pregnant!

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Mamamarina said...

im about welcoming u to the club, babe!!

Unknown said...

OOhh dot..i don't know how to answer this kind of question either! Lucky me i can always refer to you first! ;p


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