Monday, March 12, 2012

Cushion cover tutorial

I made more of these cushion covers. They take very little time and fabric to make. I made them really simple, and let the beauty of the fabric take center stage. Would you like to try?

Start by measuring your own original cushion cover that you want to replace. If you don't have it just measure your pillow and add maybe 1/4"-1/2" ease. Mine was a 15.5" square. Add seam allowance of 0.5" x 2 = 1".

Cut your fabric to your measurement. Mine was 16.5" square. Oh I have a terrible habit of not pressing my fabric before I you can see in the above picture...but don't do your fabric first k :)

Pin one of the seams (this seam is for the zip). Machine baste (use the largest stitch length setting on your machine) this seam with a 0.5" seam allowance.

Then stitch 2" from the 2 edges of the seam with a regular stitch length to reinforce. I stitched up to 2" because my zip was 15" long. Decide on how far you need to stitch up depending on your cushion size and your zip size.

Press open the seam.

Pin your zipper to the center of your seam. Look at the above picture. This is what I mean by 'decide on how far you need to stitch up' . The end of my zipper is about 1.5" from the edge of the seam. So I decided to sew up to 2" in to encase the zipper.

Change to a zipper foot on your machine. Sew close to the zipper teeth on both sides.

Using a seam ripper, rip open the machine basted seam. Leave the 2" (that you reinforced ) of both edges closed.

Your zipper seam it ready! Wasn't that easy? Leave the zip slightly open.

Pin and sew the other 3 seams with a 0.5 seam allowance.

Trim the edges.

Turn the cover inside out from the zip opening.

Press the edges, slip in your pillow and you're done!!

Enjoy your beautiful cushions :)


MK said...

Aida..agak2 attainable x this project, n also the skirt project if x ada mesin? :(

Monika Szołtysik said...

Great tutorial, I will surely try :)

mamasyitah said...

a useful tutorial esp for the zipper part...thanks!

Unknown said...

dot..i don't quite understand some of your sewing terms.. haha. really need your sewing class soon! ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

my first sewing project was handstitched. sbb dah teringin sgt nk try jahit even without machine. then i borrowed my auntie's machine. you can try the pillowcase by hand. the skirt is easy but needs lots of sewing so penat sgt kot nak pakai there anyone you can borrow a machine from?

flea market,

I'm glad u found it useful. you can use this zipper construction on a variety of other projects!

only sounds foreign sbb you're not used to it...the real steps simple je actually....anyway u dont need to understand the terms pun, u can figure out from the pictures...

Mrs-F said...

wah.. thank u aida for the turotial... aku nak check jap, ade ke zipper foot dalam kit mesin jahit janome tuh hehe tak perasan selama nih :)

Keratosis_A said...

tutorial baju kurung for toddler please! and on how to start knitting
love reading your blog!

thank you



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