Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple modern sewing - book review and some sewn pieces

Another brilliant japanese sewing book came through my doors recently. This time it's a japanese book that has been translated into English! awesome! I'm sorry the above pic is not very good, but I love this book. The photography is gorgeous, the patterns are simple and yet practical. I feel I could sew and wear quite a number of the pieces. They've put many suggestions on wardrobe assembly and design, on how the pieces could be put together with other pieces from your wardrobe which I thought was rather clever and inspiring.

The first pattern that I tried was this cropped jacket. I made it out of cotton that I already have.  I like this piece so much I've worn it countless of times since I made it. It's very light, airy and it's not hot to layer over sleeveless/short-sleeved garments.

The neckline is gathered and tied over with a sash. the patterns calls for gathering down to the bottom of the jacket but it feels better like this for me.

I can't seem to figure out this new blogger interface. Some pictures seem to come out lying down like this. Bear with me, pls. Anyway you can see from the above picture how I wear the jacket. I think I might just make a couple more of this, maybe in some lightweight linen if I can find it.

The book has 8 patterns but there are clever variations of each pattern. This tunic uses the same pattern as the jacket above but it makes quite a different sort of garment.

For the neckline the pattern calls for gathering then enclosing with bias binding. But instead I decided to gather it by using elastic (check out this previous tutorial on Mia's skirt. I used the same technique for the elastic at the waist). This way I can easily breastfeed by pulling it down. Funny how a breastfeeding mama is always thinking about nursing options when looking at clothes.

Two buttons enclosure means you can choose either one depending on how you want to wear it.

I added these gathered pockets as an afterthought and was quite pleased that I did. A functional and also pretty addition to the garment.

Bias binding on the sleeves.

Hopefully there'll be more japanese sewing coming up...

*I bought this book from Book Depository, which is a great place to buy books. They offer free delivery worldwide!


whm6840 said...

always read good remarks about japanese sewing.
i should try also.

Puteri said...

I love that cropped cotton jacket tu. u tak nak jahit jual ke? i nak beli!

Unknown said...

Salam aida,
When my children were small, used to make lots of winter clothing *that time 1980s, so expensive*, after seeing your sewing here, felt like sewing again :-)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes do! it's awesome

no i don't sell this and can't either because it isn't my own pattern. sorry!

kak leyla,
thank you for coming to have a read here. i'm glad you felt inspired to sew again. after perusing your blog i felt inspired to look up bento lunches. I pack lunches for my husband but always the same boring things. now i have many recipes and tips in my notes and look forward to using them. thanks for the inspiration!

Aan Andes said...

salam aida,
ur silent reader here. thanks for sharing all the wonderful stories, it inspires me in so many ways (espc on child education).

Just want to share about the image, u pakai canon kan? it happens to me also where blogger refuse to turn it correctly even though it shows alright in the draft. Actually somehow canon 'lock' the image, all u have to do is rotate the image in ur pc folder first then upload it. It will be vertically/horizontally correct.

keep on writing and sharing! >:D<

Unknown said...

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