Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mommy's knitting room

One of the best things about moving back to Malaysia to me is to have my own sewing room. Oh yes! Ideas and inspiration flow so much more when all my beautiful fabric and yarn are neatly(ish) stored and visible to me. Not that hiding scraps all over every nook and cranny of a house wasn't fun ;)

Anyway so I thought of some nice names for my tiny studio and eventually decided to call it what Adam calls it (without even thinking about it, of course) - Mommy's knitting room. Fits perfectly, I think. I made this sign to hang on the door to the room.

The words and image were simple drawn free-hand onto linen, then embroidered using simple backstitch. That's the extend of my embroidery know-how anyway. But the result was exactly what I wanted so I'm happy.

patched up with a bit of precious Cath Kidston. Linen goes great with printed cotton. Then quilted it with a layer of iron on fleece and linen for backing and binding.

to tie it off just a length of Mia's favourite pink polka dot fabric. She was pretty upset with me. hmm.

Alhamdulillah syukur for the luxury of having my own room...the kids like spending time with me in here too :)


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

hi kak aida! congrats, da ade knitting room.. i'm so interested to knit. kalo ade buat class bagitau la ye.. :) -zati-


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