Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm back!

Oh my it's been months since my last post. How have you been?

A lot has happened in the last few months for us. I turned 31 (waaaa!) and Mia turned 3!

She's the cleverest, cheekiest 3 year old you'll ever meet. Her vocabulary of both English and Malay has grown extensively and quite often what she says are funny, witty and bound to surprise you.

My boy Adam is a lot taller now, most his clothes are starting to look short on him but he's still as thin as ever. He is homeschooled and very proud of the fact. He's my little homeschool ambassador.

And there's another little surprise. Notice a, ehem, small 'bump' in the picture above? I'm almost 5 months pregnant! Hello Baby no 3! Wish us luck!!

*pictures are from Mia and my birthday trip to Cameron Highland a couple weeks ago.


schazzy said...

Lama x dgr citer u ;)..welcome back! :)) and congrats on baby no. 3! ;)

MK said...

we miss u!! if u have the time, please share with us about the homeschooling :)

Unknown said...

Welcome back onine! So glad reading you again!
Congrats on baby no. 3!

Anonymous said...

hai aida,
bila edd?

~ummi imaan~

The Hilmans said...

wah...lame tak nampak...

anyway congrats for the third baby..

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!

super semangat,
aww so sweet. insyaAllah i will write more about our homeschooling..

miss you! how have you been?

ummi imaan,
insyaAllah due in june :)

thank you...


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