Monday, April 2, 2007

Hello Baby

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. ok, i do realise it's a bit late to start a blog for the baby.

i wanted to start earlier, but my husband seems to have better talent at telling the story on our "couple" blog. But now i'm thinking, ok, maybe one day Baby might want to hear the story from Mummy too. And by then i'm pretty sure i'd have forgotten the experience. bukan ape Baby, soon you'll find out how FORGETFUL Mummy is.

This blog is dedicated to my dear Baby.

Hopefully one day you will read this and be reminded of how much you are loved :)


Anonymous said...

aww thats so schweeet aida.. your baby is really lucky to have such wonderful parents who share the same excitement and interest to record everythin here..thanks for sharing with all the readers too ;)
to baby aidafiqs, may you grow up healthily so aunty mate can cubit2 u later.. hihi- just kidding!

aidafiqs adamia said...

how r you??
ape jadi ek haritu..we were supposed to hp takde bateri that weekend n aku tertinggal charger kat office!
meh bagi aku hp no ko...


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