Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My husband

The one thing that has been keeping my sanity, my health, my well-being and my temper in control during this pregnancy is…my husband.

I have read and heard stories of other people’s husbands and how they behave during their wives pregnancy. From the most horrible, to the most wonderful. But none of them could even compare to the amazing patience, love, care and sheer selflessness that my husband has shown me throughout our marriage, and especially during my pregnancy.

Every morning, he lets me shower first while he prepares a mug of steaming Anmum for me. He reminds me to eat a cracker with it, to help with my morning sickness. He makes up the bed and feed the fish. He drives me to work and have breakfast with me. At work I call or email him with pregnant-related complaints and he would listen patiently and always gives good advises and calms me down. At lunch he entertains my every demand on what to eat. And when the smell bothers me he takes me to the table far away from food and makes sure I have my Vicks Inhaler with me. He calms me down, gives me a backrub/head massage and reminds me to breathe slowly whenever I feel like vomiting in public places. When we get home in the evening, it is usually the time of the day when my body and my mood are at its worst. He listens to all my complaints and hugs me to make me feel better. He is patient with my sudden tempers and the constant changes in my moods. He gives me a massage everyday; head, back, neck, shoulder, legs..whichever hurts the most that day. He makes sure I get enough rest and lie down in front of the tv. He buys me dinner, whatever I am in the mood for. He lets me have the remote and even watch whatever I’m watching with me. He reminds me to eat my pills, and when the doctors started prescribing me with really big ones, he sings “Hai obat hai obat mari makan obat, kalo tak makan melompat” to cheer me up while I struggle to eat them. Whenever I’m too tired and fell asleep in front of the tv, he picks me up and take me to the bedroom. While we’re lying down together, he touches my tummy and talks to the baby. Everyday, he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the entire universe.

For all of that and a million more that he has done for me, I am truly grateful.

I really wish I could make him as happy as he has made me.

I love you so much sayang…


To my Baby, ALWAYS remember Daddy’s birthday ok…he is very, very special..


Anonymous said...

oit k long..
br bace blog..esp
entry ni..deep gile..
better dr writing topek kot..heh no offense topek..hmm..
gute besserung..means..err..
tatau ..haha selamat sembuh kot

aidafiqs adamia said...

deep pun deeplaaa...

Anonymous said...

i put ur link in my blog OK?

aidafiqs adamia said...

sure, pls do :)
do we know each other?
i baru bukak ur blog ni, tak sempat baca lagi..but looks like u're also 17 weeks?and first baby too?
great!ada geng la camni..hehe
i'd like to link ur blog too but i'm not very it savvy..haha..nanti i tanya my husband if he can link you for me..ok tak?

Anonymous said...

ayooo.. ini along la.. yg kawan2 ngan riana lin sume tuh. hehe. ala takkan dah lupa kot.

a ah kita pn sama la 17weeks. first baby jugak pun :) in fact dlu g prss salu jumpa taufiq in meeting SIMS but thet time xtau dia bkl asben awak (masa tu) ekekeke.

aidafiqs adamia said...

o0o along tu ke..mestila ingat..
tgk pics nampak lain lak..


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