Thursday, April 3, 2008

crafting obsession

I have got to blame those cute little booties for my current obsession in crafting! Ever since the shoes I’ve been making other things too..err…not necessarily for Adam..hehe. I’ve been distracted by so many things I can sew!! I wanted to make more booties but they’re so small and I’m not used to the sewing machine yet..Now I have newfound appreciation for tailors! Hey, they charge so cheap for our baju kurungs ok…it’s really not easy to sew!

So I’ve been making these bags..have a look and tell me what you think, ok..

my first pleated bag

This is the first bag I made. I didn’t follow any tutorials or pattern. I simply imagined the design I want in my head, drew a chicken scratch drawing and showed it to my husband..hehe..He drew the pattern for me on newspaper and I cut my fabric accordingly..But of course since my sewing was really terrible at this point and I really didn’t know anything about bag-sewing..hehe..the result didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted it. The finishing is messy (although luckily you can’t really see it from these photos..haha). But my husband said it’s not too bad la..hehe..I love the’s from Ikea..

The flower is made out of a yoyo and a cute button. I haven’t seen anyone else with this embellishment on their bags so I guess I can throw caution to the wind and call this my own signature flower..haha..The closing for the bag is just a loop I made that goes through the button.

close up of the flower

The second bag I made is called a Jordy bag. I wanted to go slow this time so I followed the tutorial and pattern and only adjusted the size.

Jordy bag

I added a flap to the pattern and again the signature flower. The button makes it look old-style..i love it..This time I used Velcro to close the bag.

close up of flap and flower

I wanted to try my hand at using zippers so I made an inside pocket. It wasn’t easy but at least zippers aren’t as scary now. I want to try a zipper at the top, but still couldn’t understand how it’s done.

inside zipper

So what do you think? I still can’t sew straight la actually..haha…but the best thing about crafting is that it occupies my mind in the best way! Like the Craftster’s motto – Cheaper than Theraphy =) I’m loving it!


Anonymous said...

wah nak satu!!!!!!

mesti adam baik2 je kat umah ni mummy byk masa nk jahit. i mujur basuh kain pakai mesin kalo x, mau antar laundry je kot. ada org tu nak bekepiiittttt je.

aidafiqs adamia said...

Adam pun suka berkepiiit jugak!! haha...i curi time masa dia nap..takpun my husband tolong tgkkan dia..kadang my husband pegang dia dlm sewing room sekali! dia nak gak tgk ape mommy buat...hehe...

Ernie Khairina said...

wow dot! sgt berbakat!

Anonymous said...

hello mommyadam, i have baby adam too ;).. bloghopping dari nannor's blog. i like your bag! and your booties! mcm motivated pulak nak ON my sewing machine this weekend. :P

where did you get those lovely patterns?

ummi sa'eed said...

looks very cool :)

haritu i terasa mcm nak buat iron-on crafts project. tgh nak carik 'applique' or 'web fuse' paper. dia macam on one side you put the cloth, the other side you iron on your clothes. u ada pernah come across this tak?

aidafiqs adamia said...

tq =) hehe..aku tiru pattern org jer..

do you have a blog? you pandai jahit yer? go on..pegi u pun hooked like me..hehe

ummi sa'eed,
i haven't tried the web fuse. tak jumpa. but i've used iron-on interfacing for other bags (yet to be revealed here...hehe). i plan to try applique too. you can actually use iron on interfacing on your fabric, cut out your pattern (bentuk star bunga or anything u want) then stitch it onto your main fabric/clothes..instead of iron on the other side la. paham tak? heh.nanti i cari the tutorial for you if you want.

you can easily get iron on interfacing at any shop that sells brg2 sewing..

Anonymous said...

wah!! ni boleh buat part-time job ni.. selalunyer hand-made bags mahal laaa juga harganya.. apa lagik aida, boleh tambah income.. huhu..

Mimi said...

ello.. u look familiar (as well as ur hubs).. ex-utp ke? must be my jr then.. (i grad 2003-ee) hehe.. neway nice sewing.. i especially like the 'adida' look a like booties.. so cute!

p/s - am linking ur blog to mine~

Mimi said...

lol.. typo.. i mean 'adidas' ;)

ellyWong said...

wow wee junior juice!!!
comel! so creative. nanti for my birthday nak satu!! ke dua?? ;) :P huhuhu...

p/s: gurau aje. tapi kalau nak bagi elly terima aje. huhuhu.

aidafiqs adamia said...

umi nadhrah,
brape agak2 harga handmade bags? menarik tu buat side income..hehe..tapi takde time sgtla nak buat byk2..huhu

both of us sheffield uni selalu jugak lepak2 utp everytime cuti summer ;) a few of my very very bestfriends were there..mungkin terjumpa time tu?tq for linking my blog..

handbags kat aus mesti lagi cantik2...hehe

Hada Masayu said...

jordy bag..hehe..interesting..i like the colour;)..hebatnye ko menjahit aida..hobi yg menarik nih

aidafiqs adamia said...

senang je actually..jom kite craft sama2..hehe


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