Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yummy handmade toys for Adam

I know Adam doesn't really like to play with toys but i couldn't resist making these for him. They are way too cute and super easy to whip up.

Here's Froggy. I sewed him using some cute green fabric and filled him up with green beans. He has the right weight and long legs so Adam loves grabbing him and gobbling him up! Of course i pre-wash the fabric in anticipation of this..

hello Froggy

Froggy has curious button eyes just like Adam =)

I also made a sock monkey for Adam. He was surprisingly easy to sew up. We call him Bo.

hello Bo

My sister thinks he looks scary...hehe..apelah Maksu, Adam lovesss Bo, ok...Bo's become his hanging out buddy while watching tv or riding in the car..

Adam hugging Bo

Somehow Adam suka pulak main with toys i made for him, not the (expensive) ones i bought for him. Oklah sayang..Mommy buatkan toys for you ok...


Anonymous said...

am always looking fwd to see ur sewing project!
sgt creative...

Emma said...

salute la dgn u.... working mother, yet manage to sew lg... ape u mkn ek????

brp u jual toys tu????:P

ummi sa'eed said...

tell us how you did it! very cool.

aidafiqs adamia said...

ala i feel embarrassed..bukan i yg creative..i simply follow other ppl's tutorial ;)

mama ryan,
erk..i mkn fenugreek? hehe..taklah, i get teabag eyes and back massages from husband instead =) so penatlah i wish i don't work but the whole crafting process is really worth it! makes all my problems go away! ade org nak beli ke toys mcm ni??

ummi saeed,
kalau u nak buat here i paste the link to the tutorials ok. very simple and easy to follow.don't let the long tutorial intimidate you.

the sock monkey:


good luck!

Anonymous said...

huh. i wish i have courage to learn & do all these...


adam is lucky ur mummy is very rajin. hohohoho~

Ms. Angry said...

it's me again. Maybe diriku yang sgt kodi ke hapa, tapi what's GNC? Boleh bagi tau location sekali? I really need to buy those. tq.

aidafiqs adamia said...

it's really more like a fun hobby..tak perlu courage pun..hehe

takpe i pun tak penah dgr..haha..i went to pharmacy in Ampang Puteri Hosp and the salesgirl told me i can get fenugreek from GNC. i accidentally found GNC in The Curve. on the ground floor, dkt2 dgn Watson. GNC is a kedai kesihatan (jual food supplement).hope you find it..

Ms. Angry said...

Thanx a lot!

Mamamarina said...

GNC can also be found at The Mines and Mid Valley.. :)

jard said...

wow very cool!! i loike froggy.. Bo look cute too! i do not know how to sew (physeh lah huhu) nmpak gaya nnti i hantar mia menuntut ngan u jelah ek hehe

aidafiqs adamia said...

no prob..


thank you =) meh hantar mia sini...hehe

Unknown said...

very creative and sangatla rajin ko ni aida.. aku yg belum ade baby pun x sure bole spend mase utk sewing ke tak..haha..keep up the hobby dot! as long as u're happy..

aidafiqs adamia said...

bukan sbb rajin..sbb best sgt..hehe

Anonymous said...

whao aida! didnt know uve got creative hands in sewing! katak dan monyet itu mmg la sgt kiuttt.. nways hope adam is doing alright after being warded n all.baru tau sbb dah lame tak bace ur blog

aidafiqs adamia said...

hows married life? ko takde blog ke? nak gak stalk your blog..hehe..i didn't know i like sewing either! wish i'd found crafting earlier masa zaman uni while i still had a lot of spare time! hehe..


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