Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Adam's first hospital stay - Part 2

Hubby settled things with Admission ( oh God I’m so thankful that we’re staff of P*tronas! Alhamdulillah…dah beranak ni baru sedar the importance of medical coverage..Tq P*tronas for covering our medical bills!!) and we were brought to the Pediatric Wards. Get this, the ward is AWESOME! That’s my first thought as the lift opens on the sixth floor. The whole floor has a sea creature theme. The walls are nice shades of blue with murals of fish and sea horses. The nurses station is decorated with hanging (swimming?) fishes. Oh no we forgot to take photos! The nurse took us to Adam’s room and walla! Again we were very impressed! The room is huge, so much bigger than my ward room after labour..hehe..the decoration is colourful with sea creatures everywhere, from the curtains to the toilet roll (seriously, ade corak starfish kat toilet roll dia ok). Adam has his own cot and there’s a bed for Mommy. In fact food is ordered for me!

Adam in his hospital cot

Alamak sooooo completely different from KPJ Kajang where – Adam tak dpt his own room, Mommy and Daddy kene halau from the nursery, Mommy kene lecture dgn nurse cos tanak kasi formula, Adam was given formula despite constant reminding that he’s fully breastfed. Ok this one is another story lak ye.hehe.

Ok back to Ampang Puteri. Lps admitted that night the nurses masukkan jarum line (?) kat tgn Adam untuk insert antibiotics. My God siannye anak Mommy..menangis2 cos sakit tau kene cucuk..dahla tu first time cucuk nurse tak jumpa vein. Later that night cucuk lagi the other hand pulak. I think Adam inherit my problem with veinsla…susah sgt nak derma darah ke, amik blood sample ke…mesti 2-3 kali cos tak jumpa vein..I don’t think it’s the nurses’ fault..kesian Adam..the nurses were kind and pandai main2 dgn Adam..

Adam dgn jarum kat tgn..still smiley..

The next day Adam buat X-ray. Doc nak tgk if the infection has come to his lungs (Pneumonia) or if it’s still at his throat area only (Bronchitis).

at the x-ray room

Every 6 hours Adam kene pakai nebulizer. I was nervous at first because I heard so many horror stories bila budak2 kene pakai nebulizer..mesti diorg menangis..I pun beria la menyanyi2 pujuk2 tell him he’s brave…tapi alhamdulillah..Adam relek je…I don’t know where he gets his strength, mesti from Daddy ni..kalau Mommy mesti takdenye…hehe…I held him close everytime nurse dtg kasi nebulizer so I smelt the gas also..bau dia mmg tak berape comfortable la..Even ade times yg the nurse kasi dia pakai nebulizer sambil dia tgh tido…relek je dia sambung je tido cam biasa..Adam mkn ubat pun sempoi je..tak nangis…I’m so proud of you Adam..

Adam pakai nebulizer

Unfortunately ada seorg nurse yg agak incompetent. First I don’t know what she did when inserting antibiotics sampai lari pulak jarumnye lebam tgn..before that nurse lain insert antibiotics selambe je takde problem pun..dah terpaksa cucuk tempat lain pulak kat kaki pulak…pun tak jumpa vein…finally doctor ckp cucuk antibiotic mcm jab je kat kaki Adam..And then the same nurse amik blood test Adam sampai tumpah2 darah melambak pastu tak tutup blood sample even though I ckp kat dia tutupler…turned out blood sample tu rosak sbb darah beku..mana tak beku, awak tak tutup bekasnye..ceh..nasib baik then they sent another guy to do blood test senang je mamat tu amik darah..skejap jer…

After 3 days in the hospital..doktor ckp Adam can be discharged…

Alhamdulillah..syukur sgt Adam dah baik..

Tq so much to all the kind nurses and to Dr Kumari…We love you!

Adam, tq for getting better =) Mommy loves you so much….


Anonymous said...

adam dah sihat dah eh?? good!! eee..tak suka laah tgk babies kena warded... i rasa sedihhh sgt! The sleepless nights, the tears, the constant worrying... kena cucuk sana sini! syukur everything is well again ;-)

Anonymous said...

gosh apehal KPJ kajang tu..

i osso give 5* to APSH. even if small2 case like hafiy last time dia check everythng to ensure the baby was OK. xde assume2 'ok je ni' even the doctor ckp "very good u excl bf, cpt sembuh ni" :)

we dont care about the bill, bkn psl comp bayarkan je, but the hospitality itself, mmg memuaskan hati. xkisahlah bayar berapa janji puas hati.

[i baru je upkan bayaran to hafiy's babysitter sbb puas hati sgt dgn dia, even dia xmintak pon]

Anonymous said...

neway, adam macho & comel larrr.

hafiy last time on nebulizer tu melalak2!

Anonymous said...

i pun merasa sgt penting medical coverage bila dah beranak ni. tasneem pun lately x sihat, seb baik i keje kat spital & hubby's com also cover kt my spital, senang crite. nway, tasneem yg x sihat tp ummi dia yg admit ward. huhuhu
adam dah ok kan??

aidafiqs adamia said...

yay adam dah baik...hehe..

fuh sampai bila2 i taknak masukkan lagi adam KPJ kajang eventhough i live sekangkang kera je dr that hospital..hey, very lucky you dpt bbsitter yg sgt puas hati...
i pun taktau camne dia leh relek jer pakai nebulizer..

alhamdulillah adam dah sihat...tasneem camne..dah ok ke?

Anonymous said...

nanti cepat2 update pasal KPJ Kajang tu k?..wanna know more.geram nih!

Mamamarina said...

good to hear Adam is okay now.. last time Ariff was melalak2 jugak on neb but doc ckp its good for him to cry to practice the lung.. so lps tuh tahan je laa.. peluk aje die.. :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

i pun tak perasan i didn't write an entry about KPJ Kajang. should have. ok i'll get on it =)

alhamdulillah dia dah ok...

MN said...

kena lecture dgn nurse sbb x nak kasik formula???
selamba nurse tuh?!

Anonymous said...

laa...adam kene athma ek? alamak i know how it feel, so tak selesa sbb sesak nafas...apetah lagi baby..ko cube elakkan die makan bende2 yg sejuk dalam ni ie: buah tembikai, pulut, ice definitely no..mgkin bole bagi die honey.aku x sure if there's a side effect of honey for babies but its good utk bagi panas dada/paru2..

aidafiqs adamia said...

fizah..bukan athma..bronkitis..bacterial infection kat throat area..fizah, anak aku mana mkn bende2 tu sume..dia minum susu badan jelah..hehe..

Anonymous said...

aiseyhh..lupe siot...oh aku penah kene jugak bronkitis tu..tanak..sakit gile dada...


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