Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my new Pump Bag

Sekarang ni so addicted to crafting la. Hari2 mesti nak buat another project. Asal Adam lelap je…Mommy terus buat sepah dgn fabrics…haha..( I know hubby is itching to clean up my sewing room! But, it’s so much easier to work while everything is scattered everywhere..right??) I still have a long list of projects I plan to do… ;) so now dah takleh tido awal la…I’m perfecting the art of slipping out of bed while that little boss is sleeping…

This is the latest one. I finally made a bag for myself. Presenting my new Pump Bag!!


I cut the fabric the night before and sewed it last night. Cutting actually took a while because I made up the pattern myself based on my existing (dying) pump bag. How come so hard to get my measurement/math right? plus after i cut i recut again because i didn't like the original colour combination. what a waste of time. This is why i avoided making a bag for myself because i know i'll have too much critisism for my own work. I wanted something simple and roomy like the old pump bag. I’ve also designed the bag so that it’s reversible!

the green side

I chose contrasting colours so that I can choose which colour suit my mood that day. But I think both colours look “milky”, if that makes any sense. So milky is fitting for a pump bag right? I’m tempted to put a cartoonish cow appliqué but that would be too much/too milky…huhu..

close up of fabric

close up of straps

So today I get to use my new pump bag to work. Yay!!


Anonymous said...

wooohooo.. seriously you are addicted!

iL4na said...

wahh aida u really inspire me to do crafting work myself. tapi inspire jela..x penah try buat lagi hihi.

nway does fenegreek work? beli at gnc brand apa? d curve ada place to fix medela ye?

aidafiqs adamia said...


jomla try..tak susah pun...hehe..
i haven't seen a difference yet, baru 2 hari mkn fenugreek..err..capsules tu beli kat GNC brand dia brand GNC la..ko ni pun...hehe..the curve tu i sent to the First Few Years shop..sbb i bought the pump there..diorg boleh service jugak..

Anonymous said...

aida buatkan i satu. huhu. nt send je pakai poslaju company. hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

..looks neat.. mommy dh become terror laa.. tgk!org ade anak kecik pun dan lg dok sewing2 ni.. u inspire me a lot sis..tq

n pasni..try lak buat beg letak colourful ship or train ke kt blah dpn.. rs cm comel laa..


babynadhrah said...

wowee junior juice..

umi and baba is constantly impressed :o :o :o :o

can you make some toys for me hihihihi...

aidafiqs adamia said...

malu la..tak lawa pun bag2 i..

good idea..i can make one for adam with ships/train..tgh figure out how to because diaper bags are a lot more complicated...

nadhrah cute,
i'd love to make you one dear..but promise me you must come play with Adam ok =)

Sue.Aleen said...

salam kenal mommyadam,
i love the green side.. sungguh teruja tengok crafting camni... saya pun minat menjahit tapi mesin jahit tiada di rumah. kena tunggu balik kampung baru bleh tunjuk skill..

Emmachann said...


U really put a benchmark for my husband.. we were reading your blog and he said you are such a good example.. *hint2 kat aku lah tu suruh menjahit..* haha..

I dont have the passion yet, tp I hope someday I will..insyaAllah..

Unknown said...

salam perkenalan too...i like the craft made by u.. teruja...kalaula i buleh buat cenggitu....

iL4na said...

went to d curve yesterday, and yeah saw that fenugreek @ GNC is a GNC brand hehe..manalatau ada brand lain kan??!! ;P nak beli tapi wanna wait for ur result consuming it. do inform yah as soon as it shows any..ermm..increasing amount of milk supply. trimass~

aidafiqs adamia said...

i pun pinjam je my auntie punya machine. skill pun takde! (haven't touched a sewing machine since form 3 which was 9 years ago) maluuuu...hehe

it took me many years and one baby for the domestic passion in me finally kick off! haha..but once i start i wish i'd have started sooner =)

jom join i crafting =)

so far dah ade sedikit increase. i'm keeping a table on my pumping yield daily. will update after some given time ok..

Anonymous said...

sukenyeee tgk your crafts, i nie dah ler kerastangan, buta seni pulak tu tp i vow to at least try buat the cloth baby shoes. jahit tangan pun boleh kan?

Anonymous said...

ur sewing project makin lama makin vedevah nih...
best best!

Ernie Khairina said...

dot! u can open a biz la. even my hubby pun puji!

aidafiqs adamia said...

i find that making cloth baby shoes are easier by hand. for a sewing machine newbie like me, that is. mungkin kalau org yg dah expert menjahit senang kot pakai machine =) goodluck in trying out the project! show off the pics once it's completed ok..i'd love to see it..hehe

thank you =)

tq for the suggestion =) minat jugak nak sell some handmade stuff..but seriously takde masa la ernie..kesian manela tau in the future kalau aku berjaya jadi housewife! yay!

Ernie Khairina said...

berjaya jadik hsewife? wow..cite2 aku n mesun tuh

aidafiqs adamia said...

my dream job too!!!

Hada Masayu said...

hehe..ape bising2 nih kt cni;p..jd housewife..wuishh, bes tuh!!..akupun mmg slalu berangan cite kat kema alangkah sronoknye, tula, i'm thinking of something..aku tgh plan nak g class buat roti nih..mane tau bole bukak bakery..dulu arwah ayh aku xbole mkn nasi sgt tau sbb ada diabetes,dia slalu mkn roti smpi kadang2 aku yg bosan tgk dia mkn roti gardenia tuje..aku slalu berangan kalaula aku hebat masak mcm2 flavour roti, mesti arwah ayh aku tula xsempat..skang ni aku ingt nak merealisasikan impian aku tuh,hehe..panjang gile la pulak komen aku mcm karangan ;p


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