Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adam @ 21 months and Baby @ 12 weeks

He’s still as tiny as ever, but he’s growing up fast…

He knows most of the songs we always sing at school. Normally he likes to observe but rarely participate in the dancing and signing, except maybe for his favourite songs like Itsy Bitsy or Zoom Zoom. But lately I realised that when he’s a good mood he will do all the signs and dance moves and attempt to sing them too. Surprised gak tgk that he actually picked up on them.

Lately while our guests were here there were a lot of people talking around him and talking to him, instead of just Mommy so he’s more encouraged to talk. Some bits and pieces came out like; “ Mana?” “Bukak ni” “ dia punya tu” “Tic tac”

He’s getting so smart so quick, I’m constantly surprised at the things he’s actually picking up on. I honestly have to watch everything I do and say. Recently when getting a back massage from Daddy dia buat bunyi “hmmm…aaahhh….mmm”. Sbb dia selalu tgk saya dpt back massage from Daddy since pregnant ni…

He loves carrot. If I cook anything with carrot in it, kene taruh byk carrot pieces, sbb nanti dia nak pick the carrots je…lain tanak..

Dah boleh nak negotiate with him. Like if he doesn’t want to have his bath, boleh ckp ‘ok if you have your bath now we can go the school later’. Or if he sits in his stroller for a little bit we can see the birds later. He understands and will consider his options.

He loves all kinds of animals and is not afraid of big animals like huge dogs etc. But funnily he’s scared of teeny tiny bugs like butterflies and like ulat2 yg terbang2 tu. Haritu masa pegi Zoo ada butterfly house menjerit2 dia bila bawak dia dekat butterfly..apela Adam ni…hehe…tapi kalau dog boleh pulak dia nak peluk..

Right now Daddy is sleep-training him. Train Adam sleep with Daddy without Mommy. Sedih saya dgr dia panggil2 “Mama…Mamama….”. Rase nak masuk je peluk dia…But I have to stay outside the room, otherwise esok ade baby susah kalau dia takleh tido without me…bila mlm kang baru saya masuk tido sebelah dia…sian Adam…Tapi after a few days ni tgk dia dah kurang struggle, makin senang nak tido dah..masa first day haritu sampai sejam dia nangis…they’re in the bedroom now…isk sedih…Sorry Adam…


In my busyness entertaining guests last week, I missed my first pre-natal appointment with the midwife. Argh! I’m so upset with myself. Here it is so hard to get an appointment! We have to go to the NHS, which is basically like government hospital, only maybe the standard is better than hospital kerajaan in Malaysia (only a guess). Teringat betapa senangnya nak pegi klinik dan hospital kat Malaysia. Klinik boleh pegi bila2 without appointments, and hospitals are plentiful, can choose any gynea I want, any hospital I want and make my own appointments in my own time (Thank you to Petronas!). Kepada all of you who are still enjoying this privilege, please do not take it for granted (like I did!). But here even demam pun payah nak buat appointment kat GP, nak register kat GP pun dah susah gile, took me months! Dahtu bila pregnant kene jumpa GP dulu, GP kene kluar surat pulak refer saya pada hospital (which they choose, not me) Then hospital pulak baru kasi saya appointment for a few weeks later, siap dgn password dan sebagainya. Itupun jumpa midwife, bukan jumpa gynea. And I missed the darn appointment! Argh! Now I have to go through the whole process again! I am still unable to make an appointment and they warned me it might take a while because the antenatal clinic is very busy! Argh! Kesian Baby..sorry Baby..

Other than that, this Baby isn’t giving me too much trouble. My morning sickness happens very rarely, and usually mild. I do have a recurring case of like….phlegm, which I don’t know is related or not. My nostril gets constricted, and from my throat to chest mcm ade phlegm. Tak boleh nak breathe fully, rasa tak cukup oksigen and gives me a headache. As usual I have to eat on time whether I feel hungry or not otherwise I get all gassy and uncomfortable.

My tummy is not yet showing tapi ade buncit sikitla..mungkin this one bigger than Adam..

I’m starting to feel encouraged to....nak pakai wangi2, and interested in make up. Which is totally the opposite of how I was with Adam. Since I was pregnant with Adam I stopped wearing make-up and perfumes. Today I bought a lipstick, first one in a long time. Husband selalu ckp “Natural beauty” tapi tgklah how he responds to this new change..hehe..Hmm…I wonder if that means I’m carrying a girl this time? Hehe..probably too soon to tell…


Melina said...

Found your blog via the msian babywearer forum. Just wanted you to know that you can choose your hospital (don't be bullied by your GP). Living in Little Venice means you have quite a number of hospitals to choose from....St.Mary's is good and Queen charlotte is brilliant (my choice if I lived close enough). Please don't worry about not seeing a only see one in the UK if you are high risk (so you don't want that). Midwives are brilliant at their jobs and both my girls were delivered by midwives. Even though I was classed as high risk and was under joint consultant/midwife care there wasn't a doctor in sight when I had my girls.

ps. check this out if you haven't already for other babywearing mums around your area.

Good luck!
Melina (mum to Aiesha-2yrs and Sophia-9mths)

Ernie Khairina said...

u're carrying Aleya! hehe..
thanks sebab selalu belikan kitorang make up (from UK) dulu2..ingat tak =)

Zaila Mohamad said...

take care ya dear;-)
tapi i rase macam boy jugakler..usually kalo kita mengandungkan baby gurl..kita rase macam malas sangat nak make up segala..btw, ALLAH jer tahu..just pray mg semua slamat

hilmi said...

k jermen ckp..
kalo slalu muntah..perempuan..kalo jarang muntah..lelaki

Auni said...

oi hilmi, mana ko tau ni? gila lah sembang ngan org jerman cakap pasal pregnancy.memang patut stick to ur kerja lepas diplom.haha..

aida, tak kisah lah kan boy ataupun girl, janji semuanya selamat dan sihat.

farah said...

hi aida,

it's true what melina says...i am now in my 8++ month pregnancy and living in london....if you have a hospital that u preferred, just go to the antenatal ward, and self-refer yourself there (that's what i did)....i couldn't be bothered to go through the tedious GP system and u get to choose whatever hospital that u'd like...

it is also true that, u only get to see the gynae/consultatnt only if u have a high-risk consider yourself lucky not having to see a gynae in the earlier phase :)....personally, i think the midwives here are quite good at what they're doing....

maybe we can meet up one fine day eh...sembang2 ...oraitey, u take care !

Mamamarina said...

Hilmi ni mengarut sey. x penah dgr plak ( mg le die kate kat German) aahahah...

Aida. probably u r carrying a girl.. its the same statement u told me on entry on my 3rd pregancy.. cooking.. crafting. bla . bla... bla.. take care babe!!!

Anonymous said...

tak kesah la baby girl ke boy yang penting both of u sihat. take care ok.

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

my instinct says its a girl

aidafiqs adamia said...

thanks! i've yet had a chance to meet the midwives. i've been refered to St mary's, hopefully it's good.

dah tukarla more aleya..dah nama lain for this baby..hehe

oo yeke...i pulak terbalik..masa mengandung adam mmg taklalu bau perfume and tanak pakai make-up, untilnow!

kalau ikut org german...mmg boylah! dua2 time adam n this baby pun tak byk muntah2..


i had no idea you can self refer. i went to St mary's before (emergency gynea) when i had bleeding but they say for regular checkups i have to go through the GP otherwise they won't get the money, something like that. yes..we should meet up. which part of london do you live in?


really?good! heheh...

tuty said...

eheh.. i am carrying a boy now, tapi experience lain dari Adam dulu. sama la dulu i tak suka tgk cermin, tak suka perfume, tak suka makeups, tak suka/tak boleh masak.
tp kali ni lain, duk nak melawa~ je. masak kali ni asyik menjadi je, tp tak rajin menjahit (unlike the first one). memula ingat baby girl, skali dpt geng Adam hehe..

good luck ok. jaga baby baik2. i havent train Adam to sleep with his daddy yet -- tak sampai hati .. isk ada lagi 7wk+, sempat tak?

mofaez said...

kalau nak kira muntah2 girl..mak uda pun muntah2 teruk..gak..whateva yg penting sihat dan selamat..


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