Monday, October 12, 2009

Willows Farm Village

Last weekend we continued celebrating Adam birthday. We went to Willows Farm for a day trip. The journey there took 3 hours and was soo tiring...mainly because we took public was our first time there. By the time we get there, I was already wishing we didn't have to take the journey back. This farm better be good, i thought...and you know what, it was!

The weather was really beautiful that day, which was a good was cool, since it was the start of autumn..but also really sunny and lovely..Adam was excited..

They had all these farm animals that you can feed and touch. Adam was really engaged with all the activities..he wasn't afraid to touch any of the animals. Here he was with a guinea pig. Comel sgt...

they have this HUGE indoor playground..and i believe it's the coolest indoor playground i've ever seen. the reason is that they design it so well that it's physically challenging as well as really really safe even for Adam to climb up and run all around. Adam was so active here..lari sana sini with his Daddy..until Daddy yg penat tak larat dah nak main..tapi Adam tak penat2..dia nak main lagi..dan lagi...dan lagi...

Outdoors on the farm also they have fun fair rides, bouncy castles, play grounds...Adam loved this ride..normally when we come across these kinds of rides he'll get excited but once we put him in he'll cry and wants to get off..but this time he really enjoyed it..tanak turun..

Adam on the trampoline

Adam feeding a goat

It was definitely worth the tiring journey there. But the way back took just about an hour because we know our way around already. But the best way would be if we just rented a car probably...we're definitely coming here again...It was so hard to persuade Adam to go back..kesian dia tanak balik..nak main lagi..afterwards pulak asik mintak tgk video2 dia main kat Willow farm je...teringat2 la tu kenangan manis..hehe...ok sayang..nanti kite pegi lagi ok..

p/s: on Sunday we had a birthday party for Adam at our house. more photos coming soon


Ernie Khairina said...

dot, it must be something like 'de javu' day for dadam..tempat ni sangat best, just like those in his dreams hehe

Anonymous said...

..cute adam with suare serak2 manje die tuh.. sgt berani..


hilmi said...

adam..putih nyeee heh

Unknown said...

dot, adam nmpk sgt matured and macho sejak nak jd abg nih..mcm dah tak sesuai je nak panggil die dadam..huhu..

syaz said...

very nice place to let the kid roam :D


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