Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby's Bubble Dress

I made another dress for Baby! oh dear, this baby had better be a girl :) I made the pattern based on the size of her previous dresses..

The fabric is my all-time favourite - Apples and Pears from Micheal Miller. Eversince i started sewing I've been eyeing this fabric. Isn't it just soo cute? perfect for Baby! The bodice (top) is a simple shape..

The idea i really really wanted to try out was this bubble skirt. It gives the dress a full, bloomy was a little difficult to sew because I had to figure out how to give it the bubble look myself without a tutorial but in the end it seemed to work that i know how to make it, i can probably do another bubble skirt with a more elaborate many ideas in my head..

For the closing on the back I used first time making a dress with buttons..i'm getting familiar with my buttonhole foot..

do you think she has enough dresses already? i think not...hehe..


kemaryahya said...

aku siap tunjuk kat mak aku ape yg ko buat kat sana. hehehe.

ummu umar said...

can match with the knitted cardigan..super cute!;)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

u r using the mothercare hanger aight...if u didnt tell people u sew it, people would believe that it is from mothercare!!! it looks perfect dear.
and oh, a gal can never have enuff of dresses. keep sewing dear.

psstt...everyday i would be looking fwd to new entry of ur blog, to see more handmade by you!

CuppyCakeMommy said... this for sale?

Ernie Khairina said...

dot, i like bubble dress myself..aku pun pakai tau, hehe..and aku suke part 'Apples and Pears from Micheal Miller' sounds close to designer stuff..dan aku pulak as simple as 'pink tshirt fabric from Kamdar' boleh? haha

buat lagi! buat la lagi! A girl can never have enough dresses !

aidafiqs adamia said...

ape komen mak ko bila dia tgk?

ummu umar,
yes..i was thinking she can wear it with a cardigan and tights, probably around spring (she'll be born in winter)

i tak ingatla hanger ni mothercare or primark..hehe..tq for visiting my blog often :) i read yours regularly too..

cuppycake mommy,
this one is not for sale...sorry..i'm not confident enough to sell dresses..maybe someday? let me practise and come up with more dress patterns..i like to be creative, but bab2 business ni i slow sikit...hehe..

the fabric mmg designer fabric pun..i ordered it online from US. ko pun boleh beli ernie...takpe practise la kat kain kamdar dulu..ok what kain2 kamdar...hehe...bila nak start jahit tu?

Unknown said...

dot, cutenye..yes yes..jahit lagi. try blouse and skirts plak ke..can't wait to see more of ur handmades!

Zaila Mohamad said...

Serious lawa..babe, you should join Project Runaway lah..

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

we want more!

Anonymous said...

aida, if i pregnant baby girl lain kali.. i hope you still keep this blog and still sewing.. sbb i nak dress la, cardigan la, baby booties la.. keep on practicing and i know you would have your own online store.

jeles jeles..

kenapa i malas jahit dah ni?

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aida, jelesnyee..!!
we want more.. ishhkkk nih geram rasa nk beli mesin jahit nih.. buat byk2 and sell lah dear.. i'll be the first in Q..

Anonymous said...

klu la u ni kwn sebelah rumah, asal hujung minggu i dtg pg belajar sewing. boleh?

yumyum said...

wahh impressive! how do you do the bubbles? did u do another ruffles inside?

Hada Masayu said...

ok aida...ter'inspire' aku dgn artwork ko tuh...bole tak nak jugak beli mesin jahit, hehe, tapi for the start nak jahit benda2 sempoi la dulukan...tapikan aida, mesin jahit cemane yg aku nak beli eh..?recommend sket aida...

aidafiqs adamia said...

alamak tak retila nak wat 2 piece sbb kenit sgt newborn...hehe..takpe nnt dia besar sikit aku buatkan dia skirt/top lak...

wah..bestnye kalau masuk project runway!hehe...tapi takleh...i tak pakai buat baju baby simple je..takde curve2 badan...hehe..

orait! aku tgh kelam kabut jahit ni cos 'dateline' dah makin dkt..

i always blame it on momentum. once dah start jahit senang nak sambung jahit lg..tapi once dah terstop jahit..eiii susahnye nak start balik...

kak fathin,
insyaAllah :)


yes, i attached the bottom to the lining and used an elastic so it's not stiff when the baby's wearing it..

congrats!hehe..pasal mesin..aku suggest ko tryla pinjam mesin mak ke..MIL ke..makcik je..once ko rase confident menjahit, then boleh invest beli mesin yg quality sikit..mesin yg aku pakai Janome..mahal sikit tapi mmg baloi sgt2 lah...

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

u know what, every now & then i suka visit ur blog. u're so creative!! so i guess i'm no longer a silent reader. cantik laa the dress!! do more n more n moreee.. ;)

will visit ur blog again! tc!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

ehh takkk! hehe. i kat msia but i work following the UK hours. sbb tu masa kerja i x sama cam others in malaysia. i ikot masa kat UK. so bila daylight saving jer, mula laa balik kerja LAGI LAMBAT! huhuhu. u're in UK kan? kalo i kat sana, sure nak jmp u! blaja sewing! hihihi. thx for dropping by anyway. :)

p.s. ni kt office ler ni. penat dok layan omputih kt UK tu. :P

rizqwafriy said...


cantik2 la semua yg awak jahit..nampak mcm senang aje..

rOse said...

not enuf of coz. do more. terinspired lagi nih...

ayda said...

hi dear....
cute nye bubble drees ni...dah lama i cari... blh x u bt tutorial mcm mane nak jait part bubble tu...hehe:)


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