Friday, November 13, 2009

Daddy Shirt

Somehow my blog has turned into a craft blog instead of a baby blog lately..i'm sorry..i think being in the third trimester has triggered my nesting phase..tgn itching nak menjahit jer...i'm racing against many things i have left to do..and the baby is arriving so soon now..

here's a shirt i made for my husband. nothing special, just a simple shirt. but i made a paper pattern and the shirt fits, so i'm hoping to find some good fabric to make him more shirts..this one the fabric is cheap - just one pound per meter at the market.

here's the view from the back. kesian my husband dah terlambat for work this morning...tgh dah nak pakai kasut tadi..and yet i tahan dia lagi nak amik gambar pulak..erk..sorry bang...hehe..

now for Ernie and Kak Fathin - pics with Adam :) Adam baru bgn tido masa ni..

how can i not love these adorable boys! muahs!

'muah adam..adam good boy today ok...jgn kacau2 mommy...' my husband always pesan this to Adam..hehe..because if Adam drives me up the wall..mommy will be in bad mood..if mommy's in bad mood, everybody pun kene tempias nanti...hehehe...

'muah Daddy...kut, kut?' Adam biasanya mestilah nak ikut..wlaupun pampers tgh penuh..sibuk nak pakai kasut jugak...

Bang..cpt balik k...tgif! yay esok weekend...heheh...


Ernie Khairina said...

alala adam comel gile ok..
cheh2 ada model baru dalam blog ni eheh..nice! dot, as always ur masterpieces.I bet yang ni mesti only took 5 minutes je kan for a pro like u. yey weekend too! tak jalan mana2 ke aida and family?

Zaila Mohamad said...

seriously i admire at u^_^

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

cuteennyee Adam sexy lah muke bangun tido..
kenape nampak adam nih ade mcm muke rayyan skit ek.. mcm nih lah jugak rayyan everyday before papa work.. ok seriously tgn dah tak sabar nk menjahit..!!
esok checkup nk tgk gender.. kalo girl leh jahit baju cute2 mcm urs..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh i really dont mind that the blog has turn into crafty eyes just cant wait to see more of ur handmade item! but do selit2 adam in between...selit muka cam ni pun good enuff! he really have grown aight.

rOse said...

sedap btul bau boy baru bangun kan...

wow.. wat nest lepas nih??? baju adam?? mayb..

aidafiqs adamia said...

takdelah 5 mins...hehe..taktau lg nak gi mana ernie..maybe nak try gi park kalau weather permitting..dah lama tak gi park..

thank you!

kak fathin,
goodluck with the scan today!

yeah..he's shooting up tall right now..

got that right. almost :)


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