Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moses Basket

We bought this Moses Basket from Mothercare. I made the beddings for the basket with leftover fabric from Baby's dress. The fitted sheet for the oval mattress is really easy to sew - it's the same as making an iron board cover...took me under an hour to make from tracing pattern to finishing..but i didn't enjoy making the curved double folded hem..

Mothercare has a selection of moses basket in different colours but i chose this simple white's cheaper, and i love the details on the skirting with a white basket i can customise the bedding to any colour i like..

For the blanket I made this little quilt. I quilted it with free-motion quilting but i think that made it too wrinkly..wrinkly quilt could've worked with a bigger quilt but on this small one it looks weird to retrospect i should've probably hand-quilted it since it's so would've looked prettier..tapi takpelah, asal boleh pakai..


Anonymous said...

your 'asal boleh' still looks fantastic! hehe.. btw, i'm starting to learn knitting, but still a lil bit hard to catch up esp. when the yarn are too tight so i cannot make it from one row to another. eventho i start with a loose cast-on, tapi nanti mesti end up jadik ketat bila moving to another row esp from 2nd row to 3rd one. so any tips? (or should i blame the yarn? haha..)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i totally agree with aina, ur asal boleh looks perfect to me. i have no complain at all on the quilr

aidafiqs adamia said...! can't believe you're learning to knit! congrats!!! i don't know why...maybe your yarn weight doesn't suit the needle size? or maybe it was knitted too tight?or maybe just a new thing..after a while maybe you find it easier with practise..anyway...don't give up..keep trying!

thank you :)

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aida, i hate the fact that setiap hari bukak blog nih and asyik refresh for new entries, new handmade..
this is soooo cantek and menjeleskan ok..
ok mari uploadkan gamba Adam pulak kerana saya adalah sangat jeles.. :)

sungguh inspirational nih.. haruslah belajar menjahit cepat..

Zaila Mohamad said...

A'a..bagi Zaila semuanya nampak cantik!!

Zaila Mohamad said...

teringin untuk belajar menjahit;P

yumyum said...

compile everything, n write a book! :D

ummu Umar said...

cantik and creative;) well done aida!

Unknown said...

dot, it looks perfect to me! laju je tgn ko menjahit kan? ade je bende baru..keep it up! aku walaupon jeles tetap suke nak tgk hasilnye. rase2 mcm nak belajar knit la pasni. lgpun aku tak pandai pakai mesin2 ni.. huhu!

kemaryahya said...

aida, gmbr ko yg terbaru takde ke? nak tgk ko perut besar lagi..hehehehe..

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you...blaja lah jahit :)

wah tulis buku...taklah sampai tahap tu...hehe

ummu umar,
thank you :)

lately ni mcm nesting phasela...asik nak menjahit je hari2...

a'ahla lama tak tangkap gambar...kemar..update la blog! nak tgk gambar baby!

pennylane said...

hi.. i've been following ur blog for a while now.. i love all the things that u've sewn so far.. was just wondering which model of sewing machine do u use? i sew myself but my sewing machine has really basic functions.. am thinking of upgrading.. but i'm not sure what i should be looking for.. in terms of what the machine is able to do..hope you're able to share your thoughts on this =D

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak fathin,
tertinggal lak nak reply..dah lama la tak amik gambar adam since outdoor asik gloomy jer..nnt letak video dia la ek..

i use janome harmony 2049. i love this machine because it can do most things i'd like to do like....quilting, sewing thick fabric like jeans, sewing leather, buttonholes, edge finishing etc, on top of the normal came with so many different foot. if you're choosing a better machine, you might want to look for machines with specific things you're interested in..

Ernie Khairina said...

haa kan u're so motherly, this nest (alamak boleh ke pakai ni) so warm and tender look like..bangga baby duk dlm tu hehe..cantik! as usual la
p/boleh tak nk request gambar2 latest you and adam, anywhere you both go ke..jalan2 ke (muzium ke hehe)

widurisha said...

bagusnya boleh buat knitting.
Kalau nak cari baju raya untuk anda & anak, meh visit TQ


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