Sunday, November 8, 2009

Work Bag for Hubby

I just finished this bag at 3.30am last night. Adam slept late, at half past 12, which gave me little time to sew but i've been thinking about finishing the bag the whole day so I just must finish it...

This bag is mainly all my husband's design. He's very obsessively organised..hehe..everything must have it's own place..the moment i said i'll make the bag for him he already planned the design..He also picked the fabrics which i must admit are excellent choices..the outside is a luscious chocolate curduroy..

little loop on the strap for his earphone

elastic pocket on one side for his water bottle

Here's what the inside looks like. I love the's a heavyweight fabric and it goes perfectly with the brown curduroy on the outside.

elastic pockets on each side for laptop cables, phone, camera lenses

one padded pocket for his laptop (next to bag wall) and one pocket for A4 documents. Both closed with a velcro flap.

Lots of pockets on this side. One zipper pocket for coins. 4 pockets for pens. one pocket for external harddrive. the pocket in the middle has 2 tiny little pockets inside for cards and..i don't know what keyholder (taken from an old bag and reused here)

My husband is really happy with the bag and that makes me happy too :)


Ernie Khairina said...

dot ko adelah harus di sanjungi.. T_T
sangat cantik (mcm tak leh pakai word gorgeous sebab man stuff hehe)
aku baru dapat jahit 1 skirt pun dah happy sgt2..bestnya ko leh jahit for ur hubby..

my goodness aida.. u're such a domestic goddess!

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh i need not wait to read the last sentence "my husband is really happy" coz by looking at it everyone would be happy to have one!
keep on sewing and make us drool over ur master piece dear!

Lin said...

this is genius! :)

Unknown said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww!! sangat mengagumkan!! sy yg tengok ni pun happy, encik suami awak apatah lagi kan...
tahniah aida.. mcm2 buleh jahit.. jeles tengok...

Anonymous said...

perlu belajar menjahit macam ni.

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aida, kalo beli kat kedai compartment banyak2 nih ngan design yg sangat canteeekk makan ratus2 tau..!
boleh pilih fabric ape nk pulak tuh. goshhh..
i was thinking senang ke nk figure out bentuk2 dia utk jd beg yg cun nih.. looks mcm sangat susah. tp tgk hasil dia bestt sangat..

Unknown said...

dot..akupun nak beg camni. aman hidup aku sbb tak perlu meraba2 dalam handbag carik keys, hp, lipstick, tisu..argh..bilela ko nak blk sini? aku kompem nak tempah satu nanti tauu...muaahh!

Anonymous said...

where do u find this fabrics in london? been meaning to find something man-ly like this. this is magnificent piece, indeed.

Zaila Mohamad said...

Aida, Zaila tak tahu nak kata apa da..setiap benda yang you jahit semuanya lawa pada mata Zaila..bertuah hubby you;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

i love your skirt!lawa esp part ade lace do you feel after finishing one item?mesti rase addicted nak jahit lagi kan...hehe..

i think i'm going through a nesting phase sbb dah 3rd trimester ni..tu yg asik nak jahit jer..ok..hopefully continuela semangat nak jahit sbb i have a lot more to complete before baby arrives..

thank you!


yes2 blaja la...senang jer...

kak fathin,
it takes a while to figure out bentuk2 dia..opportunity for me to use my brain sikit buat maths + imagination how the pockets will go on the main body. but after that,tak susah pun nak buat..cuma time consuming..

lambat lagilah nak balik...hehehe...meh dtg sini..

both fabrics i bought in John Lewis, Oxford St. The curduroy you can get in the garment section on the 4th floor (normally i don't see curduroy there but i think they started stocking because it's autumn now). the stripe fabric is from the home dec section (2nd floor, i think)

thank you..taklah bertuah sgt my hubby sbb i jarang jahit barang dia...asik barang baby jer...hehe...

Anonymous said...

Bertuah2, mmg bertuah..heheh..The pictures don't do justice really because it looks sooooooo much better in real life. No doubt, the best bag that I've ever owned! TQ B!

-Mr. Hubby-

Anonymous said...

kewl..brown curduroy..brown is the new black -hilmi-

Anonymous said...

ULTRA Gorgeous!! Gimme you're Etsy store address.. you could ssoooo sell these.. huhu

-k fifa

Along said...

Ala jelesla. Cian huby i,xpenah jahit pape tuk dia. Eh, mmg i tak pandai jahit p0n. Malas sebenarnya .huhu.

Fedy said...

i second the 1st comment!

u r really2 such a domestic goddess!!

- fedy yg sgt la xpandai n malas menjahit..

Anonymous said...

john lewis! tqvm my dear. may i know how much of fabrics do i need for making the bag? 1m for each is more than enough, aight? 1m for outer design, 1m for inner design?

aidafiqs adamia said...

Mr Hubby,
mcm ni punya appreciation boleh la jahit barang lain pulak ye...hehe

ade gak jumpa purple curduroy tapi light sikit.kalau kaler mcm jaket imi tu lawa ah..terpikir gak nak wat jaket mcm tu..

kak fifa, but the shop isn't doing well at all. maybe kene jahit bende lagi menariklah kot..

alah takpe...bakat you kat tmpt lain...hehe

thank you :)

i estimated about 1.3m. get 1.5m if you're not sure. the lining fabric you will need more than that if you're making a lot of compartments like this bag. but this stripe fabric is a home dec fabric so the width is more (i think 60" kot) so i got 1.3m also and i used almost all of it..

hilmi zulkifli said...

kalo purple light..mcm the joker dlm Dark Knight plak..brown bag ni perfect la wat blazer tu

Anonymous said...


i dulu pun ada beg camni zaman muda2 dulu..exactly like this corduroy in dark brown..mmg cantik. n still have it..dlm stor je lah. tp i beli je dulu hehe..bila tgk gbr beg u ni terus teringat la kat beg i tu..kena korek stor blk cari ni hehe..
anyway..teruskan la menjahit. mmg cantik semua yg u jahit.

Anonymous said...

salam aida

just nak tanya u pakai janome kan? model apa ye..i baru survey janome ni kunun nak start jahit la (dah lama dah nak jahit hehe) tp tak tau which one better.
thanks in advance

aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah taufik pun mula2 ckp nak buat jaket fabric yg brown tu. tapi last2 tak cukup sbb kain tu tinggal semeter lebih je..

ha bawakla kuar bag tu...hehe...tq!

yes i use janome harmony 2049 beli kat msia. kat msia tak byk option janome..kat sini byk. but i love my janome because boleh buat semua bende...quilting boleh...jahit jeans boleh..leather boleh...jahit tepi boleh...lubang butang boleh...all in one lah...

sanaa said...

very nice.. can make one for my hubby too??? hehe....

fatin said...

omg again!! over n over again!!! me want oneee...!! let me know when ur starting one so i can b ur first customer.. hehehhe..

Su Yen said...

hey i love this alot =) I'm a student from Malaysia and I love sewing and this has gotta be my fav one. any tips on how to get starting making one like this??If you could email me, would be great. Great to see what you're doing all while being a mom!!=) Will come back for more inspiration!


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