Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big decision

Yesterday I made one of the toughest decision ever..

I sent in my resignation...

I am so scared...of the consequences which i know will come soon..but, i know in my heart that this is the best decision for our family..insyaAllah..

pls pray for me..thank you..


Unknown said...

Sis keje ape

Unknown said...

yah maybe that is the best decision

Anonymous said...

don't worry, that's the best decision! i'll be right at your side if you need any help.

Pial Khadilla Abdullah said...

Aida, u kerja ke? i tot u were a fulltime home maker

wd yr sewing skills u cn definitely develop frm there! n continue aidafiqs here insyallah!

Unknown said...

family comes first

Ernie Khairina said...

big decision indeed..but you, aida..there must be lots of opportunities..bila2 je ko nak..caya la!

@nannoor said...

its ok aida.
insyALLAH, He will grand you with more rezeki utk pengorbanan u ni.
I hope 1 day i'll make the decision as you did.
take care n hugs to adam (yg dah big boy!!)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i guess after this can goo all out with ur sewing talent! and im sure more other hidden talent u have!

Unknown said...

seriously i thought u are not working anymore, anyway, kenapa resign? taufiq dpt kerja permanently kt UK ke?

~Mommy ZuE~ said...

ermm...why didnt u wait first babe? i know what with all d scary rumors..but, maybe it will not happen kan..eventho so far, all those bad rumors come too got sooo demotivated..u shud see the faces from the staffs..depressing! huhu..nak2 plak i due early march lagi sibuk ppa..i maternity leave! haha..but doa2 rezeki masih ade disitu..insyaAllah..amin..hrp2 nye aku x kene laa..huhu..nauzubillah..

Anonymous said...

i dont know what is the reason you sent your resignation letter, but i guess that was 'the sign' for you to be WAHM/SAHM.

aida, be ready for orders for baby apparels from me ok? :D

i have the plan to send my letter, but i'm still contemplating..

LuC_SaVaRD said...

Aida... just go ahead with your instinct.. Insya Allah HE will do the rest

Im using mr hubs nyer id ni


aidafiqs adamia said...

engineer, and insyaAllah the best decision..

thanks darling, i really appreciate it..

i was on unpaid leave..insyaAllah..boleh pursue my dreams with Aidafiqs:)


you're right..rezeki boleh cari mana2..

thank thinking of resigning too? :)

hopefully, insyaAllah...

no, but he'll be here for another 2 years at least..

what rumours do you mean? anyways, my decision wasn't based on any rumours..i just want to keep my family together.that's all..

yeah i read about you wanting to resign...i hope you make the right decision too..


Anonymous said...

Salam aida,
Like 2b the silent reader to your blog.. i love to hear your story & your writing :)
Just wondering, why you send the resignation? Since your husband is on 2years study leave, why dont u take 2years unpaid leave.
Or is it because your company only allow 1yr unpaid leave?

Anyway, semoga dipermudahkan kelahiran puteri :) insyAllah!

Unknown said...

dot, i know it's tough to make this decision but i think this is the best la.. petronas pon mcm2 cerita dah i dgr skang..better u find other job la..i know u can do almost anything if u want. startla biz, i'm one of ur client already! miss u babe!

mate said...

u'll do fine, Aida, insyaAllah.. i wish i had children right now and quit working too.. haha boleh ke?

Zaila Mohamad said...

Aida, never know that u r an engineer!! i thot that u r fully housewife who love to sew!!
apa2 pun, good luck & all the best dear..

nanin said...

aida, knowing you (cheh, mcm lah rapat sgt kan)... i know u'll make it anywhere, anyhow, anyway! u're free now, the world is officially your oyster.

shazzy said...

hi aida..i baru baca this entry so lmbt skit comment..hope i can make the same decision as u too..bestnyer!!! :))

rezeki ade fact, mungkin rezeki after dah resign lebih byk..x semestinye dlm bentuk duit (salary), it cud be in any form~ like more time to spend with ur kids, etc.

all the best! :)

ummi sa'eed said...

all the best, Aida!

can i have your spot? corporate is killing me...muahaha...tak lah..lawak jek.

Hana Zaini said...

Salam Kak Aida,

I'm a fren of ur ex-housemate. And ur blog follower. Heart ur blog!

Am a mommy myself to a 7 mnth ol baby girl.

Sgt support ur decision! I pun nak resign next year to bcome SAHM.
My baby brother's starting Primary next year, will b hard for mom to manage my brother plus my baby.

I nak jaga my baby sendri. Like u!!

mumtaz said...

dear Aida ,

im going to miss you dear . those moment we share abt kid devplmt .. breastfeed..etc
but i believed this is be the best for all esp for your family ..
i know it hard .. & very hard indeed ..
doakan kami yg masih kat sini ..
yes.. im working 12 hours daily now ..6 days per week ... at what cost ? time with my kids which cant be replaced ..

- im sooo into embroidery now :)..wish to share em to you .. tapi bila lah bole jumpa ..



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