Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good news and bad news

Yesterday I had an appointment with the diabetic midwife at the hospital. She said my glucose levels looked ok..except for a few instances..kene sound sugar at all in my cooking...sigh..tapi she said still ok, i've been need for insulin yet..

ok so the good news is, Babys has turned! she's not breeched anymore! alhamdulillah...we did a quick scan yesterday to make! i'm so relieved...that means i still have a chance to deliver her normally...

the bad news? the midwife told me that there's NO WAY i'll be able to qualify for the Birth Centre like i wanted :( just because i've developed GDM....even if i behave really well and keep my sugar level low all the time...still, they won't accept me...sigh..takutnya nak bersalin kat the normal ward...i wish i hadn't read all the bad testimonials about the maternity ward...mcm dah dekat sgt time nak deliver ni...i'm really scared..

p/s: Kesian Adam last night dia muntah2...byk kali..we took him to A&E. they told us it was a viral infection...but this morning nampak dia mcm dah ok...hopefully takde apelah....


~Mommy ZuE~ said...

aida, dh brape minggu eh? nway, smoga sumenye selamat.. :)

Mamamarina said...

babe, Birth Centre tu camne? kene bersalin kat normal ward camne?

Rayhana said...

inshaa Allaah all will go well.
relak k!
eh, adam tu, give him some honey. good for tummy upsets.. advised by our Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wassalaam)!

Unknown said...

aku doakan semua nya selamat..take care ya!

Anonymous said...

aida, ur due date is less than 40 days kan? the other night, i dreamt about u and adam. u kind of whispering something to me, but i couldn't recall what were u saying. even dlm mimpi, mcm excited pulak jumpa adam! :)
everything gonna be just fine, stop worrying too much and just go with the flow, and insyaAllah semuanya akan dipermudahkan.
take care babe!

Unknown said...

dot, dah dekat nak bersalin kan? all the best dear! hopefully the maternity ward is not as bad as u thought. adam tu pastikan kasi air byk2, baby/toddler senang je dehydrated tau..miss ya!

Anonymous said...

betul lah, based on my experience giving birth to both my children, the labour ward in one part of england (where I used to stay) was superb. Each patient gets the room to herself, and my husband even berkampung kat situ. Infact my second time bersalin the room is attached to a shower, so blh mandi straight away. Aurat pun terjaga. Most likely akan ada student midwife or medical student yg nak dtg during delivery, but you can refuse to let them in. In my case, last time, I allowed a midwife student (a lady), and they were lovely midwives around me. Yea betul, you must deliver at the labour room, bila dah nak bersalin, there will be guinea, paed and midwife, they must be around to ensure the baby and you are safe... semua tu utk kebaikan. Well, I just want to say, I have all good experiences gave birth to my children... so don't worry... but do communicate with people around you and let them know what you like or not like... and nak azan kan anak pun blh beritahu... and I put my scarf on through out the process... they were alright about it... and yes I had to be in the labour room sbb had some medical concerns. Tapi alhamdulillah semua ok. Rasa selamat pun yea, sbb semua equipments are there just incase you need it, or the operation theater is nearby in case of emergency.

aidafiqs adamia said...

I'm now 34 weeks pregnant..tq :)

Birth Centre tu facilities mcm kat hotel and cozy mcm kat rumah sendiri. each patient dpt satu bilik with tv, waterbath (utk bersalin) and double bed.and husband can stay overnight. births are natural, no painkillers. which is why kene smoooth pregnancy, no complications baru dia accept. kalau normal wards...mcm biasala..mcm hospital kerajaan..husband takleh tido...and i read the service is really bad..

thank you...and tq for the tip. Adam dah ok alhamdulillah...

thank you :)

wah mimpi2 ni mesti ko rindu Adam kan :) i'm due in 38 days..

a'ah chun dah dkt sgt dah ni...takuuut...hehe

sounds like you had good experiences in the labour room...good to hear...hopefully it will like that for me about the maternity ward?as in, the aftercare?byk org complain about this part...

Anonymous said...

hope takde apa2 la aida. kat sini pun gov hosp ada je org ckp mcm2.. tp ramai jugak ada good experience. i doakan semuanya senang kat sana ok.. so you wont worry so much mcm2. kang gula naik, darah naik.. semua naik :D

so nnt adam mcm mana masa u kat hosp?


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