Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Winter!

Winter is here already..oh my how quickly time's sooo cold now..

Last night we took Adam to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. It was awesome! The atmosphere was just really festive and merry..The moment Adam saw the place terus dia jerit 'WOW!'

Just look at the expression on his face...he was so happy and excited..he doesn't mind the cold at all..

The place was really beautiful with all the lights..tapi susah nak capture because it was nighttime..for those of you living/visiting London, pls try and go ok...cantik sgt...entry is free..(but the rides and food are ridiculously expensive)

He can hardly stop for a sec to take a pic..mata dia melilau je tgk everything around him..

Adam naik train...pandai dah dia naik rides sorang2 tak takut langsung...

before he got on this ride he fell down and hit his head on the road.dia nangis2..cpt2 check sbb Adam ni tough, he won't cry if he hurt himself unless ade benjol atau ade blood. lps check tgk ade benjol and luka sikit...sian dia...lps dah pujuk2, terus dia ckp nak naik this ride...tapi muka still serious je..takde sengih2..maybe tgh sakit lg sikit tu...

Aside from the fall, we all had fun last night...yg paling penting Adam had fun..semua rides dia nak naik...pokai Daddy dia semalam..


Zaila Mohamad said...

Suka bila tengok anak kita seronok bermain kan;)

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

seronoknye.. beraninyaa adam.. he's growing!
rasa mcm nk g danga bay tonite, bawak rayyan pg fun fair..

aidafiqs adamia said...

tulah...tgk dia happy kite lagi happy rasenye..

kak fathin,


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