Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have a serger!!!

I just bought this Janome Overlock 9200d this weekend. OMG, i can't believe i own a serger!! Thank you bang! I've always wanted one....tapi mahal sgt...kat sini tgk mcm murah this machine ade sale kat John Lewis...terus rembat..

The machine seemed really complicated at first...the system is not the same as a sewing machine..pening jugak mula2 tu tgk manual + dvd dia...but after a while i realise it's actually quite user-friendly for a serger..of course i haven't had to actually thread the machine, because it came pre-threaded, so i suppose the hard part will come when i have to put in fresh thread spools later...

I've started a new project (even though ade byk on-going project lain yg terbengkalai ni) just so i could use this machine. So far dah cuba standard seaming, rolled hem and makes the sewing lookes really professional...i love it!

i'll show you the project later when i finish it...


Anonymous said...

tak sabar nak tengok ur final output.

yumyum said...

owh aida
wish i have one too :)
keep the projects comin~~!

NEEZAneedles said...

u mmg #1 janome fans ya? dia dtg complete with different foot ker? atau kena beli lain? well, tak sabar plak nk tgk corak jahitannya.. mine just bole jahit lurus tu sahaja sbb dia tak supply dengan foot yg lain..

Ernie Khairina said...

aida best nye..aku nye machine tu ade function2 (bunga2 la) yg aku tak try lagi..or taktau pun nak pakai..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

to all this while mmg dah look professional pun all ur product. i foresee more aidafiqs handmade coming up aight!

aidafiqs adamia said...

dah siap...nanti amik pic..

you understand how awesome it is right?? should totally get one if you have the's great!

i'm definitely a janome fan. my normal sewing machine is a janome too and it's a workhorse! for that sewing machine i have a lot of different foot. but for the serger ade satu jenis foot je. serger ni actually = mesin jahit tepi. tak sama dgn sewing machine biasa..

serger=mesin jahit tepi. aku punya sewing machine biasa takde corak bunga2 pun..ade corak2 la tapi aku pun tak pakai...hehe..jahit lurus or zigzag jer..

this machine makes the inside looks good and professional too..

Anonymous said...

wow. for a mere 200 pound, what a good catch! if kat msia, serger will cost at least 2.5k! definitely a good buy!

altuty said...

my aunty said, sblm dia abis benang, just ikat the next fresh one. tak sure camne, tp itu yg dia ckp sbb kitorg mmg selalu marah2 bila benang kat serger habis.. nnt cuba la kut.. my aunty tu mmg jahitbaju

anyway my mom's serger tu, those china-made one. takat nak jahit tepi utk jahit time raya baju2 family je.. :D


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