Monday, June 14, 2010

London Market - Old Spitalfield

Lately I've been visiting some of London's wonderful markets. The vibe at each market are so different, and certainly more intriguing than the usual high street chaos. Last weekend my husband wanted to stay home, celebrating the World Cup, so Mia and I took the opportunity to go out exploring on our own. On Saturday we went to Portobello Market with my friend Nurul while her husband, my husband and Adam went to another friend's house to watch football together. Portobello Market was awesome, a lot of vintage fabric and haberdashery this time and I got some great wooden toys for photos of Portobello though. The next day I went with Mia to another market - Old Spitalfield.

It's a covered market, so great for rainy days. Yesterday we had sunny weather though..

This market is full of handmade items! it was so inspiring...most sellers won't allow any photography though, some of their patterns are copyrighted. This particular lady however was really friendly and let me make her photo with her creations. aren't those skirts/dresses beautiful?

you see that pebble-looking face? the stall owner makes them herself using paper? fuh..taktau camne..she makes the pebbles, then draw faces on them, then make the applique, then stick the pebble on pins so it can be pinned on the applique. cute!

This guy was selling old album..with old photos in them! kinda weird but i thought it was interesting..

I liked this old typewriter..i was day-dreaming how nice it would be if i can buy this then me and Adam can type on this, maybe make up stories or write love letters to Daddy :) tapi it's a bit expensive so tak jadilah...

a stall selling hand knitted baby clothes...that old lady was sitting there knitting more stuff..

i love london markets..sigh..who wants to come with me next week?hehe..


Ernie Khairina said...

make up stories and write love letters ..hehe romantic ko ni =P

the stall yg jual knitted baby clothes tuh aku suke la!

Ernie Khairina said...

p/s tengah memujuk2 laki aku for london, instead of other area yg ntah mana2 takda subway, tak suke..susah nk panjangkan kaki =P

Emmachann said...

aida, maybe in future ko pun boleh join sell ur item kat any market.. hehe.. mesti laku gaks..

aidafiqs adamia said...

i'm a romantic at heart i guess! alah ernie..any part of UK is beautiful..but if you do come to london bestnye ade geng! hehe..

would like to..tapi sape nak jaga anak?? hehe...

Melina said...

If you haven't got any markets to visit on the 3rd July do come over to mine. My Aiesha is turning 3 and we're having a little party. Datanglah....give me your email and I'll forward you the details.


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