Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mia @ 5 months

Really? 5 months already??

- She's rolling really fast all over the place.

- err..she fell off the bed once :( my bad. nasib baik jatuh atas my pile of fabric...

- she loves to hear singing. Esp the Miss Polly and Hokey Kokey song.

- She's got the cutest smile.

- She loves getting a massage. and a bath. She'll give you a huge smile if you give her either one.

- her no 1 entertainer is...Adam of course. He'll dance, sing, play his guitar, kiss her, give her his toys, he'll try all sorts of things to make her happy. If nothing works he'll just wait patiently holding her hands while she's crying. Then he'll call out for Mommy or Daddy ' Mommy!/Daddy! Kung Mia...Mia angis...'.

-she's all chubby and yummy now.

Mia Amani

You know, it's only been 5 months but already I can't imagine what our lives was like without her. Her beautiful round face, that sweet smile, those little toes. How did I sleep without smelling that intoxicating baby smell?

Mia, Happy 5 months birthday! We love you like crazy!


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

comelnyeee mia.. yups loves the baby smell. make me want more babies. you remind me i have to buy tilam letak bawah coz jannah pun tak lama lagi dah nak golek golek. rayyan jatuh few times jugak masa 8bulan

kemaryahya said...

eh aida, mia dgn najmi jarak 3 bulan je ke? mia 5 months. najmi 8 months. takde la jauh sgt jarak diorng ni.

Unknown said... bulat2 dah besar..ha'ah ek, lebey kurang je umur anak2 kite ni kemar. tp taun, i miss baby smell too! muizz dah masam. kadang2 bau mknn pon ade ;p

Unknown said...

geramnyeee tgk mia ni... rasa nk picit2 pipi die..

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

happy 5 months old mia!

nanin said...

cutenya mia..! rupa mcm daddy dia lah. ke salah?

lps maryam jatuh katil utk kali kedua, we said bye2 to the bed. skarang tido atas mattress aje. gabungkan queen + single mattress.

safer for her, and less heart attack for us..!

Ernie Khairina said...

nanin, dont worry aku pun tak plan nak beli baby cot..

aida! i love ur new tabs tuh, mmg nmpk betul development adam eh

happy 5 months young princess Mia

Anonymous said...

babe, even kita yg dewasa ni pun looove to be pampered esp. massage, apatah lagi si comel mia tu kan? lucky u mia! nanti dah besar jgn lupa urut mommy pulak ya!
really miss u guys lah..

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aida, kite pun love the tabs. comel tgk adam membesar. hensem boy. paling best gambar pakai kopiah


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