Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sewing season is back!

Finally! I'm getting back in the groove now and it feels good! The sun is shining...summer sewing is here and I've got to thank Adam for it :) I think he's finally at the age where he can almost participate in the sewing. He still tries to climb all over the machine, run over the needles, grab the scissors, stain all the fabric etc...but at least now he listens when I tell him - 'No Adam, instead of climbing on the machine why don't you sit next to me and help me push this back button while i'm sewing?' Or ' No, not the big scissors, take this small one and you can have these fabric scraps to cut with'. (of course he calls scissors SNAKE for reasons i can't yet comprehend but that's beside the point). Now i can sew while Mia is having her morning naps..Hopefully soon I can let Adam learn how to sew for himself too...

Anyway, here are the recent results of my sewing sessions;

Another wardrobe makeover for Mia - The top was her long sleeve onesie that doesn't fit anymore..pretty soon a lot of her onesies are not gonna fit anymore..these dresses are soo easy to make and takes very little time..does anybody want a tutorial? But it's way too easy, you probably don't need one to whip this up..

Here's an action shot of the little princess..she's now happily rolling all over the house by herself. We love watching her!

and another one cos she's too precious ;)

An apron I made for a friend. She doesn't read this blog, i don't think so, so this shouldn't spoil her surprise. She's my very good friend here..she loves cooking..even when she comes visit she'll bring us lunch. During my husband's birthday, I went to her house to bake my husband a birthday cake..she taught me how and let me use her fancy baking equipments..I hope she likes this apron..

more sewing projects coming (hopefully) and also there's another crafty family project that i'm very excited about coming into place in this house...well, not a big deal or anything but i'm really excited about it. I'll update tomorrow...


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

cutenyee mia. dah buleh guling2. ok tak sabar for tomorrows update..!

E`n1x said...

i'd like a tutorial. but i can't sew to save myself. hehe.
aida could you tell me where i can find fab fabrics online? since u practically know alot on sewing and such... =D

niza said...

yes tutorial please!! thanx a lot! really like your handmades

Hada Masayu said...

terbaekkkk aida!!menariknya baju mia i wish i could ....hehe..sewing too..;p

selipa_oren said...

aida...mau tutorial seperti yg dlm stardustshoes..aku dah ade mesen jait tau! mane tau pasni aku dpt baby girl pulak..hehe


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