Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adam at summer school

I have yet another entry to do on Cornwall, but today I want to write about Adam. For 3 weeks now Adam has been going to this nursery, for their summer play scheme. This nursery is different from the usual children centre that I take him to, because here we are supposed to leave him and come back to pick him up later. Originally I went here to register Adam for pre-school, for when he turns 3 (in theUK the kids start pre-school at 3 yo) and then the managers told me that they have a summer playscheme, if i'm interested. It's a fee-paying scheme but Adam got a sponsored space. Normally I would prefer to take him to the children centre, so that I could be there for him , play with him, teach him things and watch his development. But in summertime the children centres are closed for a few weeks. Plus it is Ramadhan now and Adam doesn't do too well if we stay cramped at home for long periods of time. He'll end up watching too much tv and then he'll start to get cranky. So I decided that it would be a good idea to send him to this play scheme. At the same time he will get some time to get used to this nursery, which will be good for when he attends it in January. The session is from 9.30am - 12. and the play scheme runs for 6 weeks only, through summer.

The activities there are great - sand, water, painting, toys etc...the same kind of activities you can get from the children centres. I noticed here that small children are not pressured into learning their ABCs or 123s, it's mainly about learning through play which i think is amazing, and is how it should be. But I'm really anxious about leaving Adam there....

The first week either me or my husband stayed with him. The second week we leave him for 10 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour and gradually in the third week leaving him for longer time. each time we leave we tell him clearly that we're leaving for a while and we'll be back later. We don't leave until he's happy to let us go. I like that system, don't you? well eventually we did leave him for the whole session but....i think we suffer more that he does...we keep worrying and thinking about him when we leave....everytime i leave him i feel like crying...let me paste here my husband's facebook status from yesterday when he dropped Adam off:

At Adam's school..

Me: Ok Adam, Daddy pegi work ok
Adam: Ala..Adam angis..
Me: Sorry Dam. Ok Daddy wait sekejap ok (i almost broke into tears)
Then few kids came..
Me: Adam main dgn friends ok..
Adam: Hmmm..ok

Then he salam and kissed me before i left to work with feeling guilty. But i know that i have to do this for his own good. Miss him already & love u Adam! Can never imagine my life without him..

I was so worried when my husband told me this...felt so sorry for Adam..Later when I came to pick him up, as i walked in, I saw him playing and having so much fun with his friends. He was really enjoying himself and fitting in well. It was such a relief to see...and also...a bit sad...i boy is growing up...

Adam, Mommy love you so miuch..


Ummu umar said...

I csn understand how u n ur husband feeling..we ecperienced the same when we enrolled umar for plauschool ladt year..
But brlueve me kids adapt very well!!by doing this we encourage them to grow and be a matured person..
Now umar loves his school so much!bila ranya nk dok rumah ke gi playschool..he'll answer with confidence "school!!!"

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of having a playschool and really PLAY. Wish we have more schools like this in KL kan?

iL4na said...

that's how i used to feel when sending hQ off to taska last yr. anak ngan mak nangis skali bila jumpa and then u wouldnt believe what the head of care-taker said to me.. "ish ish ish x clever la momma haiQal ni cry cry" hehehehe. so pastu macho je hanta :P and now plak bila hQ bosan dok rumah bleh dia cakap "nak gi taskaa laa" boleh? hahaha sebak aku. they r really growing up FAST arent they?

aidafiqs adamia said...

ummu umar,
adam loves it there too, cuma nak mandi pagi tu yg payah ;)

ade jugak kot kat msia?

i know, too fast. wish they'll stay little, just a bit longer :)

Melina said...

It's great that he's enjoying himself. Can't say I know how you feel leaving him there without you as my girls go everywhere I go. Will find out soon enough when Aiesha starts school next month. I'm dreading September...she already tells me she's a big girl and almost 4! Birthday baru sangat lepas dah berangan nak jadi 4. LOL!


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