Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cornwall, Day 4

Ok, ok, final entry on Cornwall I swear ;)

In the morning we checked out of our lovely tipi and went to Trevathan Farm again for breakfast and a bit of fruit picking..Adam's raspberry picking there..funny how long it took to fill up that punnet no matter how many raspberries we've been picking..

oh there's why! (but i don't blame him, they are delish freshly picked!)

Then we drove to Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes..

had our last bit of seaside play before we go home..

i'm missing the sea already..hmm i wonder if you can still have a beach day in Ramadhan?

from St Agnes we drove home...and on the way we stopped by at this lake (another spot found from the Wild Swimming book). Oh according to Adam you can find a jellyfish just about anywhere if you look really closely :)

Big beautiful lake that you can swim in..

ok that's it...our Cornwall summer adventure...hmm..good times.


Pieja said...

love it seeing you having fun almost everyday!

Hada Masayu said...

uishh..pic no 3 tu cantik sgtla aida!!

Anonymous said...

aida nak tanye dulu bawa adam pg child centre kat mane? ada website tak pasal centre tu. tq in advance.

schueism said...

adam mikhael's also my bro's name.
like, EXACTLY!


aidafiqs adamia said...

cik salmah,
thank you...indeed we did have fun!

hada, to taufik..thank you!

ade 2 children centres that i take him frequently - portman and newpin. tak sure diorg ade website tak, as i found out from the library. do you live in the area?there are so many children centres to choose from around this area, find one nearest to you. if you do live in this area, email me at i can give you details/recommendations about the children centres if you like.

wah yeke, even the spelling? we found a few Adam Mikail, but he's the only Adam Mikhael so far..

Pieja said...

lupe nak tnye..kamu berdua ade facebook ke?bleh nak add?

Unknown said...

adeihh... strawberry itu...
mintak sikit adam...


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