Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The River Test

On Sunday we went to this place, in Houghton, a small village near Stockbridge. Through the village this river runs, but the riverside properties are private (how lucky they are!) except for this one small public footpath where you can bathe and swim in the river. The water is absolutely clear and beautiful, you can see through to the bottom of it. It wasn't easy to find this place, it is so secluded and hidden that only the local people would know about it. I don't know how the author of that book found it.

The view of that place totally took our breath away. There are so many fish in that river!

We were practically the only ones there for most of the day. Some local kids and a couple other families came to swim for a little bit, and there are local people passing by on their walks..but that was it.

Can you believe how clean the water is?

Adam had the most fun...

Under the bridge the water is deeper and you can swim against the current. This little daredevil jumped off the bridge! cool!

Mia is breastfeeding in the water. Like it's the most natural thing in the world. Which of course, it is.

Awesome, awesome place. We definitely want to come here again..

p/s: Tonight we're going on another adventure. Last few wild swimming trips has been day trips but this time we're going on a short break. This place is definitely a little different than what we're used to. There isn't going to be any electricity, or internet (maybe i can still facebook on my mobile, as long as my battery doesn't run out!). Let's see how we cope...hehe..this one is a really back to nature holiday. I'll be back next week with blog updates. Wish us luck!


mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

such a beautiful place and of coz nicely captured photos!!!

how i wish i can bring my kids there. my husband been mentioning nk bawak my kids to waterfall, but with my kids so lasak i afraid they trip on those big stones and all. gonna have to cari a nice river/stream like the one u visited.

Unknown said...

ha'ah dot..nice place+nice pic! taufik terjun tiruk mcm mandi sg kat kg sendiri je..huhu! tp since aku kesejukan kat ofis ni, tgk pic2 ko lagila rase sejuk. mia ok je nmpk..tak sejuk ek?

Ernie Khairina said...

Requote; "Mia is breastfeeding in the water. Like it's the most natural thing in the world"

Love this!

tomei said...

hi..juz browse around and found your blog.. love the pics..and maybe we can share some thought on sewing and stuff..luv to add you as my friends..may I?

Wafaa said...

Hi aida. 'jalan-jalan' dari blog cik yam :) baru nak tinggal komen :p looking at the pictures, nampak tempat tu bersih. ada orang maintain ke? btw, nice photos! and cute babies :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes this particular river is rather safe. shallow and good for children paddling. it's nice when we don't have to yell NO! every few minutes isn't it.

mmg sejuk..tapi after a few minutes tak rasa sejuk! but kene kluar gak after sometime to warm up..

that girl has been breastfeeding practically everywhere. bukan dia kire..hehe. but she's good at nursing in public - she doesn't try to grab (and expose my flesh) and she doesn't mind her face covered up while nursing..

thank you for visiting!

i don't think ada org maintain...maybe river tu bersih sbb it's secluded, not many people know about it so it's just unspoiled natural beauty- the best kind ;)


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