Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love..

Photo taken by Adam

I love spending alone time with my boy.

I love listening intently to the little stories that he tells as he worked, making me realised just how smart he is becoming.

I love how he taught me how to use the scissors ('Look Mommy, here scissors. Hand here, hand here, snip snip' ) . You are teaching me oh so much my dear.

I love how he slowly picked little pieces of paper to decorate his bus, and then editing the sizes of those pieces, just so that they'll fit perfectly. ('oh this one too big. oh this one too small')

I love how every time he glued on a piece, he leaned back a little to look at it and said 'Perfect!'.

I love how he tried to make his scissors smile ('smile scissors!') for the camera.

I love that when he's feeling happy and relaxed he says ' so nice! '

But most of all, I love him.


nyz said...

Salam Aida,

I have been following you for sometime and now and just want to say I really like reading your blog. Anyway I need a favour, a friend is going to IC to do his masters and bringing his family along. He has asked me about finding accomodation there but I dah lupe my agent's number(I used to study in London too) so I was wondering if you can gimme ur house agent's number so that I can pass it to him. here's my email: Really appreciate if you can help me in this. Thanks

aishah zulkifli said...

haaa pndai lah adamm.. eshh rindu lahh maksu kt adam!!

Bina said...

salam, mommy adam.

Adam pandai, bijak. so cute lah. semoga terus membesar dengan bijak dan soleh

Tuty said...

Cute nya dia ckp. He is really smart laa.

Aida, i dont have girl and i dont know knitting. But i want to share this link. Cute sgt. Nampak terus ingat u. Heeheehe

craft art journal said...

Aren't kids the loveliest? And to get to witness and be a part of their growing up moments is such a blessing. Adam's so cute!! He looks more and more like you.

ida ahmad said...

pandai adam..sejuk perut mami ngandungkan adam..

aidafiqs adamia said...

i'll get back to you ok..

jom...ikut mama dtg sini main ngan adam...

thank you for the doa..appreciate it..

awww so cute that tunic..thank you ingat kat i!

welcome! hey yeke dia rupa i??selalau org ckp muka taufik...yay!



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