Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mia @ 9 months

She is getting good at walking. Few steps at a time. She tends to walk more when she's crying, and then we'll clap and she'll smile proudly in between bouts of crying which looks rather funny. She's quite small for her age ( I know she looks big and chubby in photos but in real life she's actually really petite compared to other babies her age) so whenever she gets up and walk it doesn't fail to catch people by surprise. And makes me immensely proud. Not that I had anything to do with her walking, she accomplished that all by herself, but I'm a proud mommy nonetheless. My little walking miracle.

She associates Daddy with sleeptime. He has magic arms. He can put her to sleep in a few seconds.

When I talk to her, I swear I think she understands what I'm saying.

Whenever I'm taking Adam to the toilet (which she hates, because she doesn't like being left alone) even when she's playing away from us and didn't see us, the moment she heard us talking about 'peeing' and 'let's go to the toilet' she immediately start crying and quickly crawl over to me.

She loves bath time. And cries whenever I took her out of the tub.

She says 'Daddy' or Dada' or 'Didi' often, but just recently she started saying Mommy, or 'ami' - yay!

Happy 9 months birthday sweetheart. Mommy loves you.


Emmachann said...

wow miracle Mia!

betul lah aida, mmg dalam gambar she looks big and giant and chubby.. tp dah jumpa comei jer.. hehe..

i want a baby girl too..haha

Hada Masayu said...

cutenya mia aida :)..aku rasa muka dia combinationla.hehe, tp her skin colour xikt taufiq..err..jgn mare taufiq ;p

Unknown said...

cptnye mia dah 9 months ek dot.. betul ke kecik? mcm nampak chubby giler je geram nak gigit! ;)

gaby san said...

beautiful blog! I have a blog about babywearing in Mexico and I found your site quite randomly by looking for a double hammock video with a newborn. thanks for the video, and that's an awesome wrap! what is it, a pamir?
congratulations for your babies mine is turning one on dec. 2 and he still isn't walking :)
I'm linking you!


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