Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two in a row

This girl always manage to surprise me. 2 new words in a row.

This was yesterday - PURPLE

and here's one from today - THERE (taught by Adam)

I'm proud of you, my little genius.


Zaila Mohamad said...

waaah such a good learner;)

anak kedua selalunya banyak dipengaruhi oleh abang / kakak mereka so that's whylah cepat sedikit dalam berkata2;)

ida ahmad said...
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ida ahmad said...

sweeeett.. pandailah Mia ni. Iris pun dah pandai imitate words tp still can't walk independently. Banyak flash cards dia hentam duck sebab duck yg dia 1st catch up from flash card.
Aida bila balik msia? Chip tanya.

Jane said...

Aida, cuba Aida expose dia pada perkataan Peter (as in peter and jane dalam ladybird series) I noticed, with my baby, dia cepat pick up and repeat that Peter word. Pit - tah.

aaahh seronok nya watch them grow.

aidafiqs adamia said...

you're right. She has learnt a lot just by observing Adam..

insyaAllah end of this summer...

oh yeah..i haven't seen peter and jane at the library..i'll look it up..thanks..


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