Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Adam's WALKING!!!

My baby took his first few steps last night! Yahoo!! I'm so thrilled!!

(pandai Adam pilih time when we were visiting Tok Uda and Opah we have witnesses! it wasn't just my imagination ok!hehe)

first he took a couple step towards me from the coffee table. masa ni i dah jerit dah surprised tgk dia..

and then from the sofa suddenly he WALKED towards the water fountain outside without holding onto anything and also without realising he's doing it! Many steady steps! Of course then i screamed and clapped my hands and then he landed on his bum. and smiled at me wondering what was all that fuss about =)

unfortunately i left my camera in the office...(because i loaded the pants photos from yesterday, dang!)

Adam, Mommy's SOOO proud of you!!!


ummi sa'eed said...

yaay...adam dah jalan. be prepared mommy!

what's up with babies and wanting to show off their first steps in front of witnesses? Sa'eed pun gitu jugek dulu.

Anonymous said...

Yeayyy!!!! Adam dah jalan!!! Good job Adam!!!

Emma said...

i yg xcited baca posting nie smp sengih2..

clap2 tu adam!!

-mama emma-

@nannoor said...

mesti cuteee je adam berjalan...
lps ni bley main kejar2 dgn mommy & daddy. hhehehe

btw, bila lah kita nak jumpa amik cd ni kan?

Mamamarina said...

waaaa Adam can walk now...

good job handsome boy!!! lps nih makin ligat laa die ek..

Anonymous said...

waahh dah pandai jln.. pas ni gigit anak auntie supaya dia cepat sikit! hehe.. aida, good luck pergi shopping mall!

aidafiqs adamia said...

ummi saeed,
pandai ye diorg pilih time..hehe


mama emma,
tergelak baca yg u tersengih2 baca post ni...hehe...thank you!

problemnye our laptops takde cd burners la..hubby tgh thinking of another solution..


if i get a harness don't judge me eh?hehe...

Unknown said...

dadam, aunty's soo proud of you too! :)

Anonymous said...

hi aida! im a silent reader of your ever so interesting blog! congrats adam...ehehhe...bersedialah aida...after this you can't get him to stop walking.. made me interested in baby carrying esp mei tai...looks so comfy....can we buy mei tai in the shops??im not as creative as you so jangan haraplaa dapat diy...hehehe..kalu nak tempah ka t you boleh ke?


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