Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malaysian Babywearers Gathering!

Yay finally have time to update the blog….bear with me, I sense this is going to be a long entry..byk gambar saya “mengendong anak”…hehe

So last Saturday we went to the Malaysian Babywearers KL gathering. We had SOOO much fun! So awesome to meet other people who are just as passionate about babywearing!

The main topic was “Eyes on Pouch”. In the photo above Jess (the founder) was sharing with us about the pouch – how to use it etc. I’m wearing Adam in one of Jess’s handmade pouch there.

Here’s Adam in another cute pouch. I finally get why pouches are so popular. Normally I try to stay away from one shouldered carriers because I thought it wouldn’t be comfortable. I tried one before, it wasn’t comfortable at all and never bothered again since. But at the gathering Jess showed me the right way to wear Adam in the pouch and I must say, it was really comfy! Plus, it’s so convenient! I can pop him in and out at any time. And the pouch folds up to almost nothing so you can just throw it in your purse.

In comparison to my all time favourite, the Mei Tai, I think the pouch is suitable for use around the house or in occasions where I’ll be wearing him for short periods only, like maybe at a wedding where I may have to pop him out from time to time to let other ppl hold him. The Mei Tai is a 2-shouldered carrier and thus more appropriate for long duration, like for long walks at the beach or a shopping trip. The Mei Tai although more comfortable and you hardly feel the weight of the baby, when folded up it is more bulky and takes longer to tie up so it’s not very poppable.

Here I am trying out the very famous gold standard Mei Tai, The Kozy. I’ve been drooling at it for a long time prior to making my own. After trying it on I decided I’d rather make one than buy one. The body of the Kozy is way too wide. Baby’s legs hang out rather awkwardly. See in the photo I look a bit worried =) I prefer the size of my own Mei Tai. However I need to reconsider my fabric options, I think. Try something natural, like cotton canvas. Mine is synthetic.

Look, how cool this one is! Cool AND cooling! Looks like a hammock. Hehe..Belongs to Mama Shmontel and her daughter Sarah. Feels like I could shower with the baby in this…hehe…

Here’s Mama Shmontel and Sarah. Cute Sarah pulak nampak cozy la dlm Kozy tu. Maybe fit her better because she’s bigger.

p/s: Mai, SOO great to have met you! Next gathering kite pegi lagi together-gether eh?

Ok this carrier is my new Must-Have. Apparently it’s called an Alpino. It’s an SSC –Soft Structured Carrier. Belongs to Rayhana, the Host for this gathering. Structure is like a Mei Tai but with buckles. What I loved about it was how easy and comfy it was to back-carry in this! Just exactly like putting on a backpack. I did try back-carry with Mei Tai but I constantly feel insecure, like the baby’s about to fall out. But with this…wow…

I was chatting around with other ppl and almost FORGOT I had Adam on my back! That’s how great it was…I can’t make this one so must buy…must buy….hehe…Hubby said he’d totally wear it too…It didn’t look too great at first, but after I tried it on, I’m never looking back (literally! Tak payah check Adam kat blakang langsung. Relax je. Dia pun happy je dlm tu…). Senang nak masak/basuh pinggan etc in this I bet…

Kat Malaysia takde jual the Alpino…but during the gathering Joanne (of Littlepods) came and brought her prototypes SSC. She said she’s not happy with the design yet and wanted us to try them out.

Here i am wearing Adam in Joanne’s SSC on my back. The prototype SSC isn’t as comfortable as the Alpino, but it wasn’t bad. I suppose after further tweaking it would definitely be worth considering. Plus this one would be available in Malaysia…

Ok now the photos of the ladies wearing all their babies.

See how beautiful? I wish one day all the streets and shopping malls in Malaysia will be filled with babywearing parents like this….yay…

I can’t wait for the next gathering…hehe


Anonymous said...

adaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam jom pegi US! :D ajak mummy and daddy lagi sekali!

Anonymous said...

I jalan-jalan kat Bandung carry Lyssa dlm pouch. Mmg so easy and convenient! Dia siap leh tido lama dlm tuu!!!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaa best la alpino tu.. the 'hammock pouch' pun mcm best sgt. i dont know how to wear pouch properly. sling lagi la teruk i pakai.. yes i agreee with you tht mei tai cuma sesuai utk shopping, jln2.. mcm pergi wedding tu susah sikit.

hmmm alpino.. hmmm *mimpi*

Anonymous said...

it was definitely a pleasure to have met the crafty mommyadam at last! :D :D :D
hope we can meet again - nak try your handmade pouch pulak! (oh i wish i can sew!!! )

LANA, if you're reading this. i guess your q's answered. aida's comparison between one shouldered carrier & 2-shouldered carrier is definitely a major point on choosing the carrier of your dreams (ahaks..over!). or u can own various style of carriers for different occasions/situations. (lucky aida she can sew them all eh!).good luck to you!

tuty - the hammock pouch is from a brand called Tonga ;)

Unknown said...

hi mommy adam! was blog hopping frm lovelyummi site. 1st our son name almot the same, cuma terbalik, urs is Adam Mikhael n mine is Mikhail Adam, hehehehe kebetulan kan?
2nd bout baby wearing, i pun interested siap dah beli satu frm Lil'Pods but sadly my baby mcm tak suka pulak, maybe i salah pakai kot. But still tak putus asa, masih lagi testing n uji wit my baby.

Nak tanya, frm where ek those mommies (including u) beli yg pelbagai baby wearing tu ek? if jahit sendiri, ampun, mesin jahit pun i takde.

Anonymous said...

cool post!..

i was too busy kejar budak2.. didnt get the chance to try other carrier :(

takpe, next time hopefully.

Emma said...

reading ur entry on baby wearing makes me wanna wear ryan too.. hu hu..

tpkan, as i'm not definately as creative as u, seharusnya i kene beli la kan :P.. i ada jugak mintak mother i kain batik lepas dia, tp x cuba lg.. dlm youtube, yg african style tu... err nak kene cari balik.. hu hu

mcm mana nak tau prize utk good sling ek? kalau yg nie, is it ok?

-mama emma-

Sue.Aleen said...

okeh! siap bayo hutang! Bila dapat gigi pertama. this is not only for us, but for others as well.

btw, we've never bought any sling/mei tai. sedo² je anak dah beso!

aidafiqs adamia said...

nak pegilah us...nak beli Alpino carrier and jumpa nabil...hehe..nabil miss adam tak?mcmana kat sana...dah start class ke?

which brand of pouch did u use?

i pun termimpi2 you! hehe..

i made a pouch last night and very happy with it! will blog later when have photos. would love to see you again too!!

i tak beli, buat je. the rest of the mommies ade yg DIY juga, ada yg beli. kat malaysia tak byk, ramai yg beli online. Jess the founder ade jual some of her handmade ones - don't you come to one of the gatherings?these expert babywearing mommies mungkin boleh ajar you mcmana nak pakai supaya baby comfy =)

thank you...rugi you =) it's timelah u try those wonderful carriers..hope more ppl will bring more for us to try..hehe

mama emma,
pls do try to wear ryan! pakai kain batik pun boleh!(tp i blom try...hehe).update me of your success =) the link u give is for ring slings eh? actually i takleh kasi komen la pasal i takde experience langsung pakai/beli ring slings...

kak sue,
thank you!!!muahs!

ummi sa'eed said...

i have my own personal customized baby carrier. probably the most expensive in the market. i don't even feel the weight of my 10kg son when i use this baby carrier.

brand dia: mr hubby :D


Diver Mom said...

mommy adam..
erm.. gathering ini frequent ke..? like monthly basis..? mcm menarik la.. ada yuran keahlian ke apa ke..? :)

oh, benda alah ni saya panggil pendukung.. (bahasa saya..) i have one baby carrier, bought from mothercare. so far ok. x rasa letih dukung lama-lama.. in fact Alia leh tido ngan lena dlm tu.. hihi..
Ngan kain ni tak penah try lg.. tp mmndgkn mommy adam pandai jahit, bestnye u leh buat satu.. hehe.. (buat lagi murah dari beli, kan..?)

comel Adam time dia duk kat belakang u.. (dia tido ke yg dlm polkadot tu..?) :) comel...

Anonymous said...

wish i cud be there....

uuu~~~~~ bestnya.. but i have no carrier at all. pakai tangan ler.

Anonymous said...

hi aida!
aaa i remembered the last time u wanted to hv a bbwearer group and now u have one :) all of u looks so happy carrying ur bub.i miss that my daughter is just too heavy for me to dukung.

btw great crafty :)

iL4na said...

wow interested with the Alpino, but where to buy if not in malaysia? the hammock style sling pun cam cool giler but wats the weight limit like??

im just like ummi sa'eed though, hubby is the baby carrier/wearer muahaha.. too heavy for me lah this kiddo. x lama lagi nak lari, so makes me think should i wear them anway? :P

aidafiqs adamia said...

ummi saeed,
good, saeed gets to bond with daddy =)

rasenye gathering ni month ade lagi insyaAllah...jomla join =)

i wish u were there too!next month jomla join..nak tak?dkt je dgn rumah PIL u...kalau takde carrier pun takpe..dtg je for the info..or u can learn how to make one?hehe..

betul!! you remembered! i'm so happy i found the group! maybe your next one you can wear =)

coolkan alpino?kalau nak beli kene buy online la...

Unknown said...

Mommy adam, bout gathering tuh mcm mana leh join ek? interested lar. btw, u takde jual ker your DIY baby wears tuh?

Anonymous said...

aaaa bestnyee!!! nak join jugak! :) nmpak selesa giler alpino tu...

Anonymous said...

Adam, nanti main ngan anak Uncle plak ye?

Jess said...

What a great post ;) Great to have met another DIY-er!

Thank you for promoting our group ;) and hope to see you again in our gatherings.

Azurah Anuar said...

hi there,

i wear my babies and i breastfed them too.

cool to meet another mom who has some passion like i do.

and you are luckier cos u know how to saw the slings.

unlike me, i have to buy sebab tak reti jahit.

anyway, i'll definitely visit ur blog again.


aidafiqs adamia said...

i saw that u've already joined MBW right?yay! i'm not selling yet...but i'll think about it =)

jom join!

great to have met you too!! i'll definitely be joining the next gatherings!!

awesome! breastfeeding and babywearing rocks! hehe...


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