Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Babywearing Dad

DH wearing DS @ a wedding recently

Most passionate babywearers are women. But I feel we shouldn’t be the only ones to experience the wonderful magic of babywearing. Hey, daddies DO want to bond with their babies too. I found a great article on babywearing men on TBW. Pls have a read, it’s written by a dad!

It can be challenging though to find appropriate, manly babywearing gear, especially here in Malaysia. I found a thread (you need to register first) in TBW forum on dad-friendly carriers, but most of these carriers aren’t available here. Maybe it’s time I start shopping online ;p

I’m on the hunt for the perfect carrier for DH. I’m so glad he came with me during the recent MBW gathering. Hopefully more daddies will join in the fun next time. He’s already requested me to make him a "Mei Tai with buckles" and a pouch! Yay! I’m so proud of you!

Here’s another fun thread full of photos of babywearing daddies!

*nothing hotter than your DH wearing your babies! I bet many mommies would agree!

DH = Dear Husband
DS = Dear Son
MBW = Malaysian Babywearer
Somehow the babywearing community likes to talk using these acronyms! I don’t know why! Haha…


Unknown said...

mommyadam, do u sell those babywears yg u buat?

Intan said...

my husband is a babywearing dad! we have a stroller but he refuse to use those.he said it was too bulky and he's just too lazy to bring it was just recently that we started using stroller again..but the feeling is not the same like babywearing. with babywearing u know that ur child is "attached" to you and u feel that bonding, and furthermore it just felt more secure..

aidafiqs adamia said...

which one?though actually i tak penah jual pun (yet)..

how old are ur kids?go back to babywearing, jom! hehe...put up pics of your babywearing promote other dads to do the same =)

Unknown said...

yg hubby u pakai MT jugak ker like the one u pakai at the MBW gathering? bukan apa, i nih bila part jahit2 ni sgt ler fail.

Mommy Lyna said...

let's influence my DH to wear our DS (pinjam akronim ha..) have 2 pujuk betol2 coz we need 2!

Anonymous said... took me some time to figure out those acronyms too! ;) (luckily i'm not alone hehe)

i think the daddies prefer the masculine type of carrier mcm ur hubs pakai tu. hmm...tapi bila pikir balik... my DH pernah wear DD in a ring-sling! never underestimate the daddies, eh?! :)

Anonymous said...

hah the acronyms made me crazy when i was pregnant and trying to find articles about breastfeeding.

aida, pls produce more "MT with buckles" whem you made one. haha, i malas la. mana nak cari buckle pun? nnt i beli ok? teach us too how to jahit pouch, and importantly how to wear it. :D

aidafiqs adamia said...

no, yg my hubby pakai tu is a regular carrier with buckles. something like a bjorn but lower quality =) we bought it when i was pregnant and hadn't discovered babywearing and all the different carriers yet!

orait!!! ajak dia pegi the next gathering with you...hehe

yup..they prefer those types of DH wore a ringsling??cool!!!

i'm at lost how to find buckles too actually. joanne said she imported them. i'll check with jess if she's ok if i do a tutorial on how to make a pouch..on how to wear it, i'm a newbie...but you can get clear instructions from Joanne's website - Littlepods.


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