Thursday, August 28, 2008

Handmade Reversible Pouch

Last night hubby was in the mood for taking photographs so I took the opportunity to request for some babywearing photos =)

adam loves the measuring tape =)

I made this reversible pouch last week after attending the MBW gathering. Jess taught me how to make one! Thanks Jess! I had some beautiful cotton fabric lying around that I was gonna turn into skirts but I thought a pouch will be so much more fun! I love the green flower fabric above…you’ll see more of this fabric made into other things I promise..

other side of the pouch

I love pouches! Yay! Soo convenient…and can be as pretty as you want it to be =) it was so comfortable especially for Adam. He took his nap rather happily in this (we were at a loud kenduri). For me it’s also comfortable…although it starts to hurt after about 45mins I think…it’s meant to be worn for shorter periods, as I mentioned before. But it’s awesome for quick trips and around the house and occasions where he needs to be popped in and out….

backview - adam is still munching on the tape..

However, I didn’t get very nice comments from other people while wearing this. Many gave me the bibik/maid/Jawa “compliments”. But I guess that’s standardla…some people did examine properly and gave nicer comments like “ Eh siap ade “seat” la kat sini (the padding)” “Selesa la dia dlm tu..”.

Hopefully the Malaysian perspective of only bibik wearing baby will change slowly…so rugi if only bibik gets to bond with your baby…

*hubby took some photos of me wrapping with Adam too last night. Will update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

asm alia, we attended parenting class kat APSH.i sat besides u once.i gave birth last ramadhan.u raya kan?i read about ur breastfeeding still bfdg and i have the same probs gak. try to get virgin coconut oil and sapu kat ur nipple.its ok if baby termakan ker ape coz its natural antibiotic so tak de masalah.good luck!btw,sakit tak belakang sling baby camtu???

Anonymous said...

Your pouch is awesome. I love them too!

aidafiqs adamia said...

wslm..i gave birth ramadhan too actually, although i was due raya. tq so much for the suggestion on coconut oil..i'll try it...

it that your website? i love it! thank you for visiting!

Anonymous said...

senang tak nak buat? is there any link for the tutorial? i havent see any tutorial tht shows the 'padding' part. waaa sukanya baca adam boleh tertido dlm tu. he looks soooo comfy there. mcm tak kisah lgsg.

pattern ni similar tak?

Anasfadilah said...

can u teach me how to do that...pleaseeee!

saya sgt suka!nak buat satu..

tolong ajarkan ye...pleasee.thank u.

Anonymous said...

TQ for the photos....
hey, i notice adam punye pipi main tembam laaaah. hehehhe
i think now he looks more like daddy adam.

Emma said...

i suka sling/pouch mcm nie...

tp ayah ryan kata dia x confident... dia prefer dia yg dokong kalau kuar..

tp i just nak pakai masa kat umah je...

nampak mcm fashionable je... he he

end up i ikat2 ryan pakai pario je..

-mama emma yg baru nak beli 1-

Anonymous said...

hi Aida,this is my 1st time leaving message,but I've been your silent reader all this while.
I love your blog especially when you wrote about babywearing.My friends gave the same opinion of "bibik" image when I use baby sling to carry my baby,haha.But it's okey,they don't know the FUN of doing that...
btw,your baby,Adam is so cute.
Keep writing ya!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

salam perkenalan,
i'm munirah's fren, i link ur blog 2 mine buleh? coz kagum la u pandai jahit beg etc

aidafiqs adamia said...

tuty and anisfadilah,
that link that tuty gave is for one layer (not reversible), unpadded pouch..jess said ok to do tutorial and she also gave me link to a good video on how to make pouch. i'll put up the video here and also put photos if when i make another pouch...

yup dia dah tembam sket sbb selera dah makin bertambah =)

mama emma,
i pun rase fashionable =) pario tu ape ek?

yay another babywearer!! tq for visiting =)

journeys for 2,
tq for adding me in your links =) welcome!

salzahari said...

if possible can u show pict. steps by steps from beginning...from before u put Adam into it. can arr? (buat mcm mami hafiy tjuk solat dgn bby tu)

aidafiqs adamia said...

i'll try get some photos. tapi i'm no expert. plus i only know the hip/tummy carrying position since my baby dah besar tak boleh craddle carry..kalau u nak better info on how to put on pouch, better refer to Little pods punya website..senang paham..

lia said...

salam perkenalan...

da lama i jd silent reader u...

i da try guna kain batik lepas tp mcm longgar la n mmg x ada pading la...
any tips mcm mana nk elakkan longgar 2 x + nasihat utk yakinkan diri yg pikir baby boleh jatuh?


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