Saturday, August 30, 2008

Simple Piece of Cloth

I was chatting with Along the other day about carriers…I realized that there are not very many carriers available here in Malaysia..However, babywearing should be for EVERYBODY. Not just for anyone who can afford expensive carriers…I went looking for simpler options…

I went back to wraps…in TBW it’s often called SPOC –Simple Piece of Cloth. Basically you can use any fabric you have…like long scarfs or kain batik lepas or bed sheets…we just need to learn the right techniques to babywear…

I saw this video of this guy wrapping (front cross carry) and thought it looked SO EASY!! I went home and took out my old SPOC and tried it out. I managed to do it easily, first try! I wrote about this fabric before…what I did was just bought a 45” fabric and cut into two lengthwise. No sewing necessary…

eh betullah baby tak jatuh pun bila buat gini...(eventhough adam was wriggling)

yes..berjaya..senang je..cubalah..

Here’s another video on the same guy doing a back-carry…it looked simple too but I need more practice I think…managed to tried it out and baby was comfy, just wasn’t comfortable for me…I’ll practice more…

Superman toss!


Think about it…all other mommies who WANT to babywear but feel left out because they don’t have/can’t afford/can’t find a carrier….you CAN! Just buy some fabric…or cut up or bedsheets or creative!!!

Here’s a good info on making a no-sew wrap

here’s good info on how you can babywear with kain batik…

happy babywearing!


Anonymous said...

aida, comellah ko pakai specs.. hehe :)

prism-ness said...

hello.. I'm Ernie's friend. glad to c that u r promoting this babywearing thingy. kat Sabah ada byk org bt n dh lama guna kain batik je. tp as u mentioned earlier la kan.. ppl tend to say it is only for bibiks. tp since kita dah bole bt yg cantik2 kan.. y not pilih yg cantik instead of kain batik ye tak. eheh. tahniah ye. u r a super mommy :D

Anonymous said...

aida, mcm lagi senang dari mei tai je?

Anonymous said...

klong.. spek baru ek?brand ape?

Emma said...

i tried using ryan's selimut..
kira boleh la ikat2 nie..

tp yg x tahan tu, dia suka sgt tegakkan badan dia, make it difficult nak ikat2... so ikatan tu jadi a bit loose, n i pun dah letih..

he he...

kain batik pun i ada, cuba x cuba lg.. sbb kain batik i tu agak keras.. hu hu

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

hi aida,
babywearing ni mmg nmpk best and definitely is convenient!n the links u gave mmg useful.. Thanks!but was wondering.. kaki baby tu tak kebas ke? sbb mcm tergantung arnd our pinggang n they cant really move their in movement agak limited. thnx!

aidafiqs adamia said...

hehehe..nampak weird lak tgk pics..dah mlm time tu,malas nak pakai contacts..

thank you =) are you a mommy too? you org sabah juga mcm ernie eh..

i'm used to mei tai so i rase mcm mei tai lagi senang. but it's definitely much easier than it used to be..esp lepas tgk that guy pakai...

a'ah spec baru..spec lama hilang kat hospital..takde brand kot spec tu? hehe..

mama emma,
u pandai la use simple solutions! pump pakai tgnlah..babywear pakai selimut lah..i salute you! i feel like a fraud compared to you =)

imagine yourself duduk kat kerusi biasa..kaki from lutut onwards hanging. it's a natural position. no worries, baby is comfy =) try it, your baby (do u have one?) can stay in there for hours without complaints..hehe

Unknown said...

dot, comel la adam dok kat belakang! tp itulah..nmpk mcm lenguh je baby dok lame2 dlm tu. ke kite je yg rs camtu?

Ernie Khairina said...

ni permainan aku mase kecik..

chun, amboi semangat

aidafiqs adamia said...

not at all. if you wear baby correctly in natural positions they'll be ok for hours in there. plus they love being close to mommy and looking at what mommy's doing =) sometimes it does get hot though, depending on the situation/wheather, so then kene kluarkan la. otherwise, diorg syok tido dlm tu..tak menangis2..kite pun syok sbb close dgn gile.i'll get you a good carrier when you have a baby k?hehehe...

u mean u used to wear your siblings/dolls?or your mom used to wear you? either way i think its cool that you were exposed to babywearing so early on..bagusla org sabah!hehe...

Ernie Khairina said...

nope, aku nmpk org pakai mcm tuh..then aku pon berangan kendong babydoll aku..hehe..still remember mine was green..ngheee

kemaryahya said...

aida..mmg nampk cool sb material yg ko pilih tu nmpk cam best..
nnti kalau aku ade peluang..ajar ye..i mean bila aku dah ada babylah.. :)

Azurah Anuar said...

i wonder pasal material tu.

tatau fabric camne sesuai nak buat SPOC.

ada gak try guna kain batik lepas tapi tak lepas2 pun. :)

kena pakai pouch je setakat nih.

btw, i have a question nak tanay all babyweares but i'll post it in a forum la nanti.


Unknown said...

nak!nak! yg nak ade baby cepat nih..huhuu..

aidafiqs adamia said...

lots of slings are sold for little kids carry their "baby" dolls in it..

taufik yg pilih kain..hehe..insyaAllah aku boleh ajar no problem =)

if you want to choose fabric you can click on the link i gave for making a no-sew wrap.ade info on choosing fabric there. goodluck!

orait! cpt2...hehe

Arin said...

kalau baby merengek2 dalam tuh..mmg tak jatuh la ek?i'm now pregnant 2nd ones..anak dara ku sungguh lasak ya nya ader nye sling/pouch nih mmg berguna betul nanti..

aidafiqs adamia said...

tak jatuh alhamdulillah (unless kite salah pakai la kot?)anyway with any carrier kene salu check jugak jahitan/kain tu...


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