Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still no internet!

Lamanye xde internet! They're takin forever to install broadband at our flat :( i'm now trying to update my blog from hubby's hp.hope it works..

I am enjoying new job as SAHM :) i'm cooking, baking, cleaning,playing w adam.adam is enjoying mommy at home too, I think. He's cloth nappying,learning to talk,asking to read books a lot and testing mommy's limitss!

hehe..honestly,everyday he comes up with new projects.he's very creative when it comes to being,yesterday he decided to wet newly washed nappies that i've just spent an hour drying.or he'll spread cookies all over floor that I just swept and wiped.but he's also being really sweet when he chooses to he'll pat me when he thinks i'm trying to nap.or he'll 'help' me vaccuum the house.

Today adam saw his first snow :) we're expecting more tomorrow..

Hope we'll have internet soon..i'm sorry I can't reply to your comments.but I love reading them,tq!


Anasfadilah said...

rumah cantik sangat!saya sangat suka

adam dah nampak snow...bestnyess...

snow palaing hampir makcik nampak dalam peti ais kat umah...huhuu

E`n1x said...

yea yea... we miss ur online rants =P fast2 get internet and reply to the numerous comments we've been leaving u, lol


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