Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adam @ the Centre

Again I’m going to avoid talking about Zurich. Why? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

After the library Adam and I went to a Toddler Drop In session in the Early Education Centre. They are the ones organising the sessions in the other places as well. The Centre was huge!

They have a crèche facility, which is kind of like nursery, if the parent is taking a course in the centre (they have English and computer classes) they can leave their children to play there and the children are taken care of by trained teachers there. They have a large play area full of toys and interesting things for children. Upon entering Adam was a little shy. We got a tour around the place by one of the teachers. They have a kitchen for us to prepare food for the kids, even washer and dryer in case their clothes get wet while playing. While the teachers are explaining to me about the classes that they have there, one of the other teacher encourage me to leave Adam in her care. So I left and when I came back Adam didn’t even notice I was gone! He was so enthralled with all the toys in the place.
Soon after all the other children arrived as well for the session. Elizabeth came as well! Immediately Elizabeth and Adam quickly agreed to play with the water tub. I don’t know what language they speak to each other.

Next to the water tub there’s a sandpit which also looks promising. But I’m afraid Adam might eat the sand..hehe..maybe next session we can try it.
Adam’s trying out all of the toys. They really let the children make as much mess as they like.

Look at these pictures ya…

Here Adam is on the push trolley and Elizabeth is on the bike. I saw them both looking at each other’s toy after they got bored with the one they’re playing with.

Then suddenly out of the blue both of them exchanged toys without saying a word and without fighting! I was amazed to watch them play..

Lepas tu main tolak2 buggy pulak…hahaha…

Adam has a new girlfriend? Oops…(nanti Fateh baca habis Adam…hehe)1

The teacher said Adam looks very confident eventhough it was his first time there. She gave me a big scrapbook for Adam. She showed me the scrapbooks belonging to the other children there. Then she printed out some photos of Adam that she’d taken while Adam was playing there. I sat there with a couple other moms making the scrapbooks. She said every time we come we can update the scrapbooks with the children’s development.

Towards the end of the session, we had a clean up and everyone helped out including the children. Then everybody gathered around and a lady came with a guitar. She played some songs and we all sang along with the children.

Oh we had such a lovely time. The Centre holds these sessions there 3 times a week. I can’t wait to go again soon…


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, this update is very interesting; adam playing with new cute girl Elizabeth, the scrapbook and boleh tak nak tengok the sandpit?
best :P

Anonymous said...

aida, mahal tak bayar for semua nih? i think i wouldn't mind to pay for this type of FUN!

hopefully someday ada byk tempat mcm ni kat malaysia. maybe ada, tp kat area jb ni tak de lagi la.

adam looks big, eh?

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

comelnye adam! esp yg tolak2 buggy tu

aidafiqs adamia said...

u can glimpse the sandpit from the second picture..

i forgot to mention, these sessions are free!!!! even the creche facility is free if you're taking a course!! can u believe it???


Emma said...

free??? wah giler best!!!!

awat la kat mesia x buat mcm nie kan?? hmm no wonder la, sana negara maju, kita negara mbangun....

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

bestnya the facilities!! lucky adam!!

Anasfadilah said...

giler best ok...rasa macam nak join je adam main

carefree and care less!

buat sepah yang paling best sekali!!

free pulak lagi


kalau lah kat mesia ada tempat macam ni,kan ke bagus

Anonymous said...

salam..mommy adam..
happy 16 month adam !!!!

jealous tgk u happy with adam kat kota london...
oh ya...
The Baby Show, this month in London(27/2)pegi ker?
seronok berpeluang duk sana mcm2 ur son boleh belajar...

Anonymous said...

waa... that is soo much fun.. even as parents pon we can tell its fun!! how i wish they have it to here in KL.
nway,, adam looks like a big boy now.. so hensem n more confident!

good for both of u..

have fun!


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