Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally, Zurich

Ok today we talk about Zurich. Call me crazy, but I am not in love with Zurich!

When we arrive, the first thing we realized was that everything was in German (language). All the signs, the adverts, the tv, the ticket machines, the shops. Words that you cannot pronounce! Honestly, we just main belasah je cari our hotel, main jalan jer naik train, then naik tram while we don’t understand anything! Nasib baik jumpa hotel…blur giler. That’s still ok lagi. But then we realized that Zurich is ridiculously expensive. Ops..i hope no one from Zurich is reading this and will try to shoot me while I’m still here. No, seriously, I’ve never been to a city more expensive than here. In the few days that we’re here, we’ve spent what we would’ve spent a month in London! And London is already expensive, but suddenly now we feel it’s cheap.

Both of us are homesick! We can’t wait to go back to London to our nice apartment and homemade food! The hotel is damn expensive, almost 200 pounds per night and yet it is soo weird and dodgy and looks cheap and has loads of weird murals of cartoonish cows (not in a cute way, but adam seems to think they’re funny. I think they look creepy). We can hardly afford food here!

Anyway, saying all that, I must also admit than Zurich is a beautiful city. It has a lovely big river running in the center, separating the Old Town from the famous shopping street (do not even mention shopping to me. So not worth it) you can see the view of the beautiful snow covered mountains. The old buildings are wonderful too. And it has been snowing a lot this week and adam gets to play with more snow. When it snows it looks and feels so magical here..

i took Adam to the zoo. It’s one of the leading zoos in the world and it was awesome. Adam loved it and so did i. but I went just with Adam so I didn’t even bother taking the camera, trying to minimize the weight since I’m wearing Adam. So unfortunately no cameras.

Here are some photos of Zurich that I took, so tak bape lawalah..hubby fulltime at his course. Kesian dia..
the view from the Central tram station

Old Town, cute small shops

the river with little white birds that u can see swimming there. these birds fly but also have kaki like ducks so they swim also..adam loves them..

yg ni pic hubby amik. adam buat mulut yg weird tapi cute..dia salu buat..

this is new, this morning. snow lebat sgt so we went out to play. adam was really excited. tanak tgh pengsan cos penat sgt...

I'm worried about Faris, my cousin. Pls get better..he has denggi berdarah and now tak sedar kat hospital..pls pray for him..


Anonymous said...

HI Aida,

Pls believe this as it worked for my cousin who had denggi too!

what u need is pluck some papaya leaf, cut into small pieces and boil it, then drain and drink the water. i'm not sure how much leaf or water or how long to cook it, but i guess we just estimate...doesn't matter much... the only thing is, the taste is bitter, of course, but try to drink few times a day, then the next day, the patient shld be fine when the blood pressure level or something goes back to normal level......

this is what my hubby's grandma's method for ages.....

also, i read from newspaper that the beet root also will cure this like magic. Just blend the beet root and eat/drink it, no cooking invloved.

hope these help.....

wee chen

Unknown said...

nice city by the way despite the expensive thingy..

i wish u took the pic masa kat zoo tu! i always wanted to visit world's best zoo!

Hanim said...

Pray for the best for your cousin, Aida. At this point no harm in trying, but if he's unconscious- very unlikely he can take anything by mouth.

Zurich looks like a typical European city - cobblestone road ke? Small roads, pedestrian friendly :) I should be travelling again la... fell grounded in Malaysia since graduation.

NanyFadhly said...

How old is adam?

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, you reminds me of my visit to zurich :)..kat sana suma kedai tutup cepat sangat kan.
aida, aku pernah kena denggi yg agak teruk sampai mata aku tak berapa nampak (yg amik masa 2 tahun untuk recover) betul mmg menakutkan tapi kita doa la bagi semua selamat.
kalau dia boleh sedar, boleh bagi dia makan sup ketam- utk membina platelet yang semakin menurun tuh. sometimes kalau terpaksa maybe dia akan di 'bekal' kan je dengan platelet oleh hospital.
Take care

Unknown said...

dot..adam sgt cute dgn gaya mulut yg begitu! tak sangka zurich sgt mahal ek? maybe kalo nak gi jln sane takat jln2 jela..xde nak beli pape.huhu..

anyway,sorry to hear about ur cousin. minum 100plus banyak2.. and yes, mkn sup ketam. tupun kalo die dah sedarla. no harm trying..

Anonymous said...

yup i've heard about sup ketam. lagi satu jus tembikai. ntah la betul ke tak tp mmg cari petua masa hubby kena chingukunya dulu, tp dapatnya petua utk denggi. padahal both demam ni tak sama pun walaupun nyamuk sama.

adam comel la. geram tgk dia buat mulut weird. haha.. lama lagi ke kat zurich?

Anonymous said...

aida, i heard it's not dengue eh? according to Mama it's something to do with tikus or something eh?

my mom, dad & the sisters went to visit him today.

whatever it is, i hope he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

aida, check this out!

Anonymous said...

Z├╝rich memang mahal gila kan? kat sana bahasa diorg hampir sama dengan german so taklah teruk sangat for me.Maybe nak gi uk this easter so if u got time boleh lah pegi visit korang kat sana.imi bukan kata nak pegi sana jugak ke?

I'll pray for your cousin too.

Anonymous said...

lamernye.. tak dengar cerita adam


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